Should Muslims give BJP a fair chance?

Friday, 5 May 2017 | comments

When you visit a family with the offer to forgive/forget a person who is responsible for killing their brothers and raped their sisters, what will they demand? Development, education, money, ticket for contesting in Assembly election, or government job? They demand HONOR, DIGNITY, RESPECT and JUSTICE.

I am writing this piece in response to the article published in Indian express, dated May 4 2017, titled: “Why Muslims must give BJP a fair chance”, where a BJP spokesperson tries to allure Muslims, dilute their anger, and develop a soft corner towards BJP. It’s just like flogging a dead horse. In addition to that, the agenda of the writer was to spread hatred among the Muslim youths against their religious scholars, so that they stop respecting and hearing their scholars.

The the article is not worth responding as it is filled with lies and deceptions. The writer tries to project BJP as the only messiah for the Muslims and the other secular parties are their enemies. Astonishingly, I found many “intellectuals” of our community got influenced by the article which made me to pen down a response - which I don't even don't even feel like responding.

Firstly, the fact I agree with the writer is that the so called secular parties has deliberately used the Muslim community for their ulterior motive. I strongly condemn it the way I condemn the BJP. Just because the secular parties have used us, that does not justify to forget the injustice done to us by the BJP, especially the present Prime Minister, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Although we were fooled by the secular parties before, does not mean we will get fooled again by the BJP - who has clear and open agenda against Muslims.

Secondly, I feel pity on the writer and even the publishers who promote such irresponsible and unresearched article for a pity gain.

The writer asks, and I quote, "Can the Centre be called anti-Muslim after examining the BJP’s track record since Narendra Modi has come to power? You need not have much research to answer this irrelevant question.

An honest, not the BJP spokesperson, will make you count the "blessings" BJP has showered upon the Muslims. To quote the few here are some examples:

1. Dadri mob lynching happened during this regime time.

2. Muslim sisters were raped in Mewat by the Gau-Rakshaks

3. How can a person forget that Muslims are being forced to eat cow dung and forced to drink cow urine during this regime time?

4. The track record includes giving Z+ security to the Muzaffarnagar riot accused Sangeet Som, who delivered inflammatory speeches and uploaded fake videos on the social media which resulted in  Muzaffarnagar riots where 100s of innocent Muslims were killed and more than 25 Muslim sisters were raped.

The few examples doesn't end here, you need not be a scholar or a researcher to know the track record of the BJP. The list goes on.

• Yogi Adityanath is given the post of the CM of Uttar Pradesh - who openly said, if they kill 1 Hindu, kill 100 Muslims.

• Rajeshwar Singh who has said, we will wipe out Muslims and Christians from India till 2021.

• Sadhvi Prachi who announced 50 lac Rupees head money on Dr Zakir Naik.

The writer, who is a BJP spokesperson, knows very well all the above facts but he deliberately chosen not to touch these critical issues. Hope he answer the Muslims on these issues.

He further writes: "How come the self-appointed dharam gurus of the Muslim community do not remember that the Haj quota has been enhanced by the Saudi government due to the untiring efforts of our honourable prime minister?"

The writer should check the facts before jumping on to the conclusion. The hajj quota was increased after five years, for the first time, by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all the countries, and this was done on the completion of the construction work in Haram (Makkah). The BJP has its old habit of taking such credits on the results of their “untiring efforts”. So this was not a surprise for me at all.

As he talked about Gujarat and especially Ahmedabad, let me make it clear that I am well educated person, having many friends belonging to different states as I keep on traveling. The first reaction they have, by seeing me in religious attire, is of people mocking and harassing a religious Muslims. They as  "Do the people mock you for your religious appearance - sporting a beard and wearing the trouser above the ankle?" That actually pricks like a needle in my heart. They carry an impression that Gujarat is bad for Muslims. Who is the one who created this hoax? Well, I don't answer this as you know better. We are not unaware of the 2002 riots that made many Muslims to leave their own house to seek refuge in different camps and areas.

You talk about development: Have you ever visited Juhapura - the area where Muslims reside in majority? Do you see any developmental activities there? Why aren't there any flyovers? Why BRTS service is not available in that particular area? Why has the Metro turned to the other side just before entering Juhapura? Why are the majority of houses still not given NOC? Doesn’t he know about the Pirana Dumping yard which is causing harm to the Muslims living there? Is this what the writer wants the people of India to come in Gujarat and see the pathetic conditions in which Muslims are living?

Regarding education: What this regime has done with the Urdu language and the students of Urdu medium schools? Why this regime has enmity with the language which represents Muslims? The writer goes on praising BJP-ruled Gujarat and said that the uniform of some Muslim girls in the schools is more Islamic than many Muslim countries. What was he trying to convey? He could have named few schools so that it could have helped me in find at least one school. However, I would like to remind him that Muslims are forced to say “Bharat Mata ki Jay” to take admission in a school headed by the BJP Leader in Amreli. (Reference)

He talks about giving a chance! They are dancing on our heads since last 21 years. I personally don’t believe in any political party, but what the BJP has done to us and are still doing is just not forgivable.

The timeline of the article is good as the Gujarat Assembly election is approaching, but...

We need HONOR, DIGNITY, RESPECT and JUSTICE. There will not be compromise with anyone on these issues.

5 Reasons why Sonu Nigam's tweets are communal?

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 | comments

Some days back we have seen a controversy erupted after Sonu Nigam made an insulting remark on Adhan (Islamic call of prayer). Indian Media as usual picked on it and sensationalized, making it as a breaking news. It not only created chaos on social media, but also the news anchors started debating on this issue as if there was no other important issue than this for the development of India.

Nevertheless, this controversial issue got some mixed reactions in which a ‘maulana’ of Kolkata said he will give Rs. 10 Lakhs on shaving Sonu Nigam’s head. Once again media picked up the issue as if the maulana, who has no religious authority, issued a fatwa against Sonu Nigam. Again, there was no fatwa from any institutions or Qazi. But the media successfully incited hatred against the Muslim community.

The saddest part of the controversy was people speaking in favor of Sonu Nigam making flawed arguments saying that he has also spoken against Mandir and Gurudwaras too and only Muslim community is outraged, while the fact is clear that his tweets are specifically targeted Adhaan, included the name of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and even termed it as ‘gundagardi.’

In this article, I am presenting my observations in this controversial issue and give five reasons why Sonu Nigam’s tweets are communal and anti-Islamic in nature:

Reason #1:

Retweeting Tarek Fatah’s tweets from among the hundreds of replies he was (is) receiving and all the retweets were those who were against Muslims or those who were appreciating him. None of the retweet included who were talking about banning loudspeakers even in other religious places and blocking the roads for religious festivals for days. 

In the tweet, we can easily find out that Tarek Fatah is demanding a blatant ban on Fajr Azaan for morning prayer. Even though you may argue saying retweets are not endorsements, then why didn’t he corrected the tweet when he had an option of quoting the tweet? He could have corrected his opinion – that his opinion includes banning Bhajan Kirtans as well - in that tweet instead of blatantly retweeting. He has only retweeted those tweets that were against Muslims. 

Reason #2:

Why Sonu Nigam specified Azaan when he was questioning all religions? There are different ways of expressing ourselves. A public figure needs to be very cautious when he expresses something. What was the need to specifically point out Azaan when he was questioning all the religions? Why were bhajans, kitrans, processions, and road blockage for days are deliberately kept out of discussion? Using the name of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and unnecessary correlating it to the Edison or electricity is really absurd. What if electricity was present at the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and he would have used it, then will you allow to use the loud speakers in the morning?

Reason #3:

“I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning.” This statement clearly proves the claim of Aamir Khan who once talked about intolerance. Indeed, intolerance is increasing day by day and the words of Sonu Nigam is a proof for that. 

It is a common phrase जब खुद का बच्चा रोता हे तो दिल दुखता हे, लेकिन पडोसी का बच्चा रोता हे तो सर दुखता हे. (When our own child cries our heart aches for him but when the neighbor’s child cries we’ll have a headache) This pain at different place for different people is an utter hypocrisy. Why don’t you see yourself? Do you know at public places your music is being played? Many people don’t like it. Yet they tolerate your noisy songs. Whom should we blame? Even if you are not responsible for the music played by someone, but as a responsible citizen you need to convey to your fans and those who play music should respect others and stop playing music on public places. There are people like me who hates your music, yet I have to listen it on public places. Will you tweet it and convey your fans to respect people?

Reason #4:

“Gundagardi hai bus” is a cheap statement from a public figure. It was deliberately used for azaan and to dilute the statement he has included the name of temple and gurudwara. However, the statement of ‘gundagardi’ is largely, or entirely, applied to azaan and Muslim community. This is the reason why only Muslim community reacted to it.

The other reason is that, Muslims are being killed and butchered in the name of Cow. They are being lynched by gautankwads (popularly known as Gau Rakshaks). Is this not gundagardi for him? His silence on the other issues and deliberately picking up azaan, that too after growing up listening to it, shows his communal nature. His humanity didn’t wake up by seeing all these incidents but he wakes up during azaan.

Isn’t this Gundagardi?

What about this?

Reason #5:

“When will this forced religiousness end in India”. These were the words immediately after mentioning that he is disturbed by Azaan. Isn’t this his hypocrisy by saying Azaan (or other calls used by religious places) is forced religiousness? Don’t you know there are already laws passed to please a religious community which he or his parents belong? Didn’t he know? To please the people of a particular religion during their festival, sale of Non-Veg food stopped. He is observing all these in his very own country. Isn’t he? But he remains silent on all those issues. Targeting Muslim community and labeling “forced religiousness” doesn’t suit in India.


Why Double Standards? Sonu Nigam can digest comments by Hindu leaders on raping dead Muslim women. He can digest on Adityanat’s statement of killing 100 Muslims for the revenge of one Hindu. He can digest innocent Muslims being lynched and killed by Gautankwads in the broad day light. He can digest Hindus forcing Muslims to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram.’ He can digest BJP speakers making provocative statements in public against Muslims. He can digest the lynching of Pehlu Khan of Alwar and others by the same community which he belongs to. But the important issue to him is Azaan, 

Lastly, I congratulate him the best for his career in politics.

Propaganda & Information War – O Muslims beware

Saturday, 8 April 2017 | comments

Passionate Writers | Propaganda & Information War - O Muslims Beware | By Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah

The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) said in his farewell, and most popular, sermon during the Hajj, “I have left two matters with you. As long as you hold to them, you will not go to the wrong way. They are the book of Allah and my Sunnah” (Muatta Malik 1628).

Ever since the Muslim Ummah left these two sources of guidance, we have failed to realize the correct pathway of the Creator. Not only the correct pathway, we have even failed to distinguish between enemies and friends. We have lost our qualities of visionary leadership. 

Indian Media is constantly bombarding disinformation or misinformation about Islam. Everyday Islam is being targeted. Muslims are being trialled and judgments are being passed by news anchors in their daily talk shows. From what is being witnessed almost on a daily basis, one thing is very clear: there is a massive propaganda and information war deployed on Muslims by the media. And there should be no doubt about this.

As we know, media is used to manage the perception of the masses. It also helps to create/change the mindset of the people - so much so that the governments in the world, in some or the other way, are trying to get a hold on media. Even India is not an exception to this case as we all know the status of media in our largest ‘democratic’ country.

As I have said before, the information war is being waged against the Muslims in particular, we are constantly being attacked in this war, through various means, and we have failed to distinguish between a propaganda and a correct information.

Let me explain to you by giving an example:

We receive messages on WhatsApp or other social media platforms whose writer remain anonymous. Without realizing its soul effect, we keep on forwarding it. There are some messages I have come across and while countering the narratives of such messages, I even had to explain our people who remain in denial mode. They say check the facts in the message rather than jumping on conclusion. Such discussions have inspired me to write this entire article.

In the age of social media, if we fail to realize the agenda behind any posts, directly or indirectly, we end up becoming party to their agenda. Hence, we should be very careful while accepting such messages.

For example, when the Babri Masjid issue was debated in the media, there were many messages circulated by anonymous writers. Among them was:

  1. “Let the Babri Masjid judgment come, which Firqa will take hold of the masjid? Believe me, after the judgment, there will be riots in our community bigger than Gujarat 2002 and Muzaffarnagar.”
  2. “O People, who want to build Babri Masjid, first increase the namazi in your local Masjid”
  3. “In the grave, you will not be questioned about meat or beef but surely you will be questioned about your Aa’mal. First, correct your Aa’mal.”
There are many other such messages whose writer remains a mystery but we feel okay to forward such messages. When we try to explain our people the agenda behind such messages, we are asked to check the facts in the message rather than passing judgment. I invite those brothers to read the Quran, Surah Munafiqoon 63:1 “When the hypocrites come to you, [O Muhammad], they say, "We testify that you are the Messenger of Allah." And Allah knows that you are His Messenger, and Allah testifies that the hypocrites are liars.”

In the above verse, apparently, the hypocrites were telling the “truth” that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the messenger of Allah. Yet, Allah called them liars. Why? Some of our people, according to their logic, they might even allege Allah of ‘being judgmental’ (Nauzbillah) and ask, why Allah called them a liar? Allah should see the “fact” in the words of hypocrites, rather than calling them a liar. (Subhanallah!)

If anyone can understand the wisdom behind this verse of the Quran, I am sure he can never be played in the hands of enemies of the Islam. He can easily counter the fake propaganda of the enemies of Islam. He can be a good warrior to counter the informational warfare.

Let me refute the above three messages here before I conclude:

  1. Sectarian riots: There is no sectarian riots in India, which can even be remotely compared to the communal riots that took place in Gujarat 2002 and Muzaffarnagar. The purpose of this message is very clear. The creator of this message is somehow trying to dilute the heinous crime which was done in those communal riots. It is being portrayed that Muslims sectarian fight is bigger and more dangerous than those communal riots. NOW YOU CAN GUESS WHO WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE IN THIS POST? 
  2. Increase Namazi in your local masjid 365 days in a year: You get reminded of inviting people to masjids only when right wing people ignite Babri Masjid issue? Why do you need the issue of Babri Masjid to increasing the number of people in the masjids? The main purpose of this message is to forget what’s happening in the court of law about Babri Masjid. NOW ASK YOURSELF WHO WANTS YOU TO FORGET BABRI MASJID ISSUE?
  3. Beef issue: Bhayya…! It is not the matter of beef or meat-eating, it's the matter of my freedom. My freedom is being taken away from me. Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) has commanded us to fight for our rights when it is being taken by the tyrant regime. ONLY THE RIGHT-WING PEOPLE WANT YOU TO STOP FIGHTING FOR YOUR OWN RIGHTS.

Mental slavery and inferiority complex are the main cause to get inspired by such deviated messages which have a hidden agenda. Turn back to Allah and His Messenger, you will never go astray.

“Just because something isn't a lie does not mean that it isn't deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.” - Criss Jami

Ajmer Blast Case: Saffron Terror Exposed – O people of India beware!

Saturday, 11 March 2017 | comments

In the recent judgment of the 2007 Ajmer Dargah Bomb Blast Case, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) special court has convicted three saffron terrorists, two were the former affiliates of RSS. Sunil Joshi, Devendra Gupta, and Bhavesh Patel are among the convicts out of 13 accused. Seven, including Swami Aseemanand, are acquitted.

Leaving about Swami Aseemanand’s acquittal, even after his confession before the Tis Hazari court in Delhi, it is clear that the three who got convicted are the face of Saffron Terror. However, in the year 2007, after the blast took place, every one – almost all – were of the opinion of Muslims committing this heinous crime.

The Rediff News reported “Union Home Ministry sources in Delhi said it was a terror strike in which militants had used a low-intensity improvised explosive device.” The moment we hear the word “Militant” we suspect “Muslims” behind the crime.

The Rediff News continues, “They said the terror outfits, including Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayiba, were against Sufi Islam and they could be prime suspects behind the blast at the shrine, respected by both Hindus and Muslims, which came barely 10 days ahead of the meeting of Indo-Pakistan anti-terror mechanism on October 22.” People were made to believe that Muslims are behind the attack on the Sufi holy shrine.

Imagine how meticulously they might have planned and executed the entire work that even the intelligence agencies were silent. The Times of India reported saying, “Neither the central nor state intelligence agencies have been able to obtain any leads on the Ajmer dargah's blast.”

How easy it is to fool the people in the name of differences and disagreements? How easily we point a finger on someone and make them culprits. We become our own advocates… We become our own judges… And we think, it is our judiciary.

It is very easy to target a single sect and blame them for the acts that they cannot even imagine to do. How easy is to fool the Muslims by just pointing a finger towards a particular sect? At least, by now, people should understand that Saffron Terrorists are working towards the destruction of peace in the society. There are many other attacks and blasts that have happened in the country, we need to check the saffron link in the attack and expose them for the sake of peace in the society.

Remember, these are the goons who doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘Unity in Diversity’. The beauty of India lies in the different cultures living together peacefully. Let’s build that India again where the people of different faiths lived together in harmony and peace.


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Founder-Administrator of GPRF Network, Editor-in-Chief of Truth Arrived and Passionate Writers; an author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Education, Media and Law. | Know More |

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Demonetisation – a good move with utterly poor planning

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 | comments

By: Iftikhar Islam (@IftikharIslam)

The effects of utterly poor planning of the Modi government while taking the decision on demonetization is all well known to us. In the process to wage a war against the black money hoarders, the Modi government has utterly failed to protect the poor and middle class men who lead their day-to-day life on cash transactions. The small-scale industries and daily wage earners are effected to the core.

I call this as an arrow that has deliberately missed its target. We know that the major portion of the black money is hoarded in various industries like Gold, Real Estates, Textiles, etc. Modi government has consciously left the big fishes out of the target and gave them ultimate room to escape from this trap. The only few that have got trapped in this shackle are common man, traders, daily-wage earners, and most importantly the opponents (obviously of BJP).

Demonetisation should have been done with utmost minute planning – keeping in mind about the welfare of a common man – where the major sufferings should be for those who literally play with the economy of the nation. We need to work to bring back every kind of “Black Asset” that has been almost idle for years.

The main reason for the hoarding of Black money is imposing of heavy taxes. If the government revives the concept of taxes and relieve the traders and small scale industries with low taxes and encourage entrepreneurship in the country, many of the problems – including of black money – gets solved.

When we have low taxes – say 10%, even it can be lower than this – people who have wealth starts investing in businesses. Even those who have ideas and are aspiring entrepreneurs gets capital and generates income with the employment opportunities. When we have low taxes the number of tax payers gets increases as there will be more entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the solution for many economic problems we are facing.

Instead of going to the root cause and treating the disease. The government is just acting superficially and keeping the main problem intact. The steps taken by the government will create more problems in the future than solving the existing ones.


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Founder-Administrator of GPRF Network, Editor-in-Chief of Truth Arrived and Passionate Writers; an author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Education, Media and Law. | Know More |

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SIMI Encounter Issue: Height of Steadfastness - a conversation with the mother of Mujeeb

Wednesday, 9 November 2016 | comments

Passionate Writers - Irem Ayyub - SIMI Bhopal Fake Encounter - Mother Mujeeb

By: Irem Ayyub

On 31st of October 2016, eight under trial prisoners were killed by Bhopal Police in a staged encounter. Among them was Mujeeb from Ahmedabad. I happen to visit Mujeeb’s family and here I am expressing my thoughts after meeting the grieved mother. 

The word ‘Faqqul Aani’, in Arabic, means to release the prisoners and it has appeared many times in the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Allah commands the believers to strive to release the people who are imprisoned (It is in the context of those who are not convicted of any crime). However, in our society this word “releasing a prisoner” is like a burden. Leave aside striving to release the innocents from the prison, we don’t even talk to the families of those who are imprisoned. We delete the contact details from our phone memory and pretend that we don’t even know the person (however close friend he may be). 

We only think of ourselves. We feel that we are safe if we stay away from such people. But, let me remind you, if you remain silent on such situations, others will also remain silent when you are in the firing line. Don’t expect others to raise voice for you when you choose to stay away from them. Today it is on them and tomorrow, for sure, it will be on you. 

On 3rd November 2016, I went to meet the family of Mujeeb at Juhapura, Ahmedabad. I was expecting his mother to be very depressed and shaken. But to my surprise, the woman was totally in her sense and when she communicated with me, I was totally stunned. Normally, those who have the knowledge about Islam and have complete faith in Allah show such kind of steadfastness in these situations. Though she doesn’t have much knowledge of Islam - she has never studied the Quran in much detail - she believes that Allah must have planned something better for her and her son. 

She used to meet her son four times in a year – At the time of Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Raksha Bandhan, and Bhai Dooj – the day she went to take her son’s dead body was the day of Bhai Dooj and she was already planning to meet him. She reasoned that her son didn’t break the jail as he always waits for his mother to visit him and the ‘Bhai Dooj’ festival was on the very next day of the so called “Jail-Break” incident. “How can my son do this when he knew that his mother will come to meet him the very next day?” argued the grieved mother. 

The saddened mother narrated saying, “When I was sitting outside of Hamidia Hospital while my husband went in to collect the Mujeeb’s body, few women of the local village visited me to express their condolences and said that my son didn’t break the jail. They were taken out of jail and dumped at one place. Then the police team announced in the village saying ‘few terrorists have broken the jail and are hiding in the village’. This made the people to come out of their homes and witness the brutal killing of those eight persons.” She also added saying, “I had to accompany my husband to collect the dead body of my son as there were no one who was willing to go with my husband.” 

In a short period of time, as my conversation with her was not too long, she took me to the olden days of Islam where the death of a child for the sake of the deen was the reason of honor for the mother and not the cause of humiliation. She said, “Whatever I know of Islam, I have learnt it from my son Mujeeb.” He changed life style of all family members. 

During the entire conversation, which was about one hour, I didn’t see a single tear in her eyes. That is why I say; it is the height of steadfastness. It is very difficult to be patient in this situation. No matter she didn’t flow her tears before me, but surely she uses those tears before Allah. As a helpless mother, she is patient. What else can she do when the Ummah is in the slumber? 

Now, is it not our duty to support her? Let’s help her to know the truth behind her son’s killing. Let’s help those families who have lost their sons in this encounter. My dear sisters and brothers, fear Allah… One day you have to stand before Him and answer your deeds. What will you answer when Allah ask you about your role in eradicating oppression in the society? Today it is Mujeeb, tomorrow it could be anyone of us. Let’s join our hands before it’s too late. 

Lastly, whether you help her or not, the brave mother has stood up to fight the challenges and know the fact behind her son’s killing so that others may not suffer in such fake encounters.

Hue-and-cry about the Uniform Civil Code – The reality

Friday, 28 October 2016 | comments

Passionate Writers - Uniform Civil Code - Moinuddin Ibn nasrullah
By: Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah

“Article 44 of the Constitution speaks about Uniform Civil Code.” “We are one nation. Thus, we need one law for all.” “Personal laws are creating disturbances in our country.” “Personal Laws are threat to our country’s unity.” These are the words used by some of my fellow countrymen to justify their argument in support of UCC.

Here I am quoting Article 44 “Uniform civil code for the citizens The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India” How does this Article gives permission for the Government to force any code on any community? If it does, then it directly contradicts with Article 25 and 26 of the Indian Constitution.

This issue of UCC pitched to get political benefit by current regime in the centre. There are no two opinions in it. And all the arguments given to justify UCC are baseless, illogical and impractical. 

Does Uniformity of Law really bring Unity and Peace?

In the past century we have example of two most lethal world wars which caused death of more than 60 million people. To which religion did both the parties of war belong? They belonged to Christian community, believing in the same principles of the Bible. They had a uniformity of Law, but this could not save the destruction of millions of people.

Take the example of United States of America. In each state, they have different laws for marriage and divorce. In the presence of so many differences among their laws, still they are united. How come these laws are not threat to USA’s unity and peace?

We have example of United Arab Emirates (UAE). They have seven states which form UAE. Sometimes law of one state directly contradicts with the law of other state. One state disallows issuing of VISAs to some country, while other state issue VISAs to the same country. Such contradictory laws are not giving threat to their unity, then why for us personal laws are threat?

Why only Article 44 is the theme of debates these days? Why Govt. is behind Article 44 alone leaving much more important issues? Article 47 speaks about “the raising of the level of nutrition and the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties…” It also directs the State to “endeavor to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purposes of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health.”

I am asking why the Govt. does not ban alcohol? Alcohol is the primary factor for many accidents on road and increase in the crimes against women (including heinous rapes). Why this regime gives a blind eye to these real issues? Do you really respect the women as you portray in your manifesto? There are Millions of houses in our country where they have only one bread earner at home and because of the consumption of Alcohol, this bread winner plunges into many diseases and die. Why this Govt. doesn’t care about these issues? Why don’t they ban the alcohol in the country which is the main villain in ruining many families? Why don’t these issues become the themes of the debates on the nationalist news channels?

My dear fellow citizens! Let’s be sincere and ask ourselves which problem is more serious for our country, Uniform Civil Code or Alcohol? We need to realize the tactics of the mischief makers before it’s too late.

Lastly, realize the plot against the humanity. When majority of the people are suffering from a cancer and doctors are more concerned more about those patients who have minor injuries, then realize that the doctors in your area are making business by treating people of minor injuries and they are least bothered about the people who are dying of Cancer.

Our government is ignoring the serious issues of the society and trying to hide itself behind the curtain of Uniform Civil Code debates.

Failed Conspiracy: Uniform Civil Code and Muslim Personal Law

Monday, 24 October 2016 | comments

Passionate Writers - Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah - Failed Conspiracy - Uniform Civil Code - Muslim Personal Law

By: Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah

“All Wahabis are not terrorists but all terrorists are Wahabis” This was the slogan imported in India during the time of Makkah Masjid Blast, Ajmer Shrine Blast and Malegaon blast.

Any sane Muslim having common sense knew very well that this slogan was imported to India just to ignite sectarian violence among the Muslims, and somehow anti-Islamic forces were successful in doing so. So much so that “scholars” of a particular sect started declaring the other Muslims as terrorist or sympathizer of terrorists who does not belong to their sect. 

This process of exploiting sectarian differences among the Muslims is continuing even today in India. Praising one sect of people while condemning others, alleging one for “being involved” in terror activities and supporting the other - is a part of this process. And this is not something which is hidden. It was openly declared by one of the leader of ruling party that who said: we are going to take advantage out of sectarian differences among the Muslims.

I congratulate to the people of those sects who consider triple talaaq as wrong practice and still supported the Muslim Personal Law as they understood the larger conspiracy against Muslims of India behind this issue. Hope in future days scholars of different sects of Muslims will show such maturity In’sha’Allah (God Willing).

Role of Media in Igniting Issues:

The issues are being ignited for the time being. The way Indian media is behaving; It is clear that somehow somebody is controlling all the media houses. Somebody is behind the curtain, with the remote control, deciding which issue to be raised, discussed and debated. Even the time duration of such issues is also being decided. The other issues which has severe effect on common masses is being ignored deliberately and lay down the curtain on the failures. Be it Rafale Jets deal, administration failure in Kashmir, B K Bansal Suicide note, increasing rate of unemployment and the list goes on. We can understand very well who is behind the curtain holding the remote control. 

Everyone knows, including the ruling party, that uniform civil code (UCC) is not possible in India. This UCC is not going to affect only Muslims but every citizen of India. Still you find the mediTa houses attack the Muslims and the teachings of Islam. (Remember: Action speaks louder than words). Islam is being targeted by those who have never studied the Quran and media is portraying them as Islamic Scholars and Professors in Islamic Studies. 

Why don’t these media houses invite the Sikh brothers to their studios and ask them to stop carrying Kirpan while entering in the banks or other government premises where carrying weapons for common masses is prohibited?

Anyone can question now, if the government knows that UCC is not possible in India then why there is a hue-and-cry in the media? People are made to think that this issue is brought in lime light for the ‘safety’ and ‘raising awareness’ among the Muslim women. This is the blatant lie and I am reminded, on this occasion, of the 1st Ayah of Surah Munafiqoon, Chapter No. 63 of the Glorious Quran: “When the hypocrites come to you, [O Muhammad], they say, "We testify that you are the Messenger of Allah." And Allah knows that you are His Messenger, and Allah testifies that the hypocrites are liars.

Here if you see whatever was said by the hypocrites to the prophet, was 100% truth. Still Allah called them as liars because they were just showing off that they believe in messenger of Allah, but in the heart there was no faith. Thus, Allah called them liars.

The same story is here with the Muslims of India. Some people have claimed themselves as the protectors of Muslim women - in the garb of Mahila Andolan - but in reality, it is the enmity against Islam and its laws which is making them to do so; so that they can malign Islamic laws. It is the fake sympathy they show towards the Muslim women and directly attack the Muslim Personal Law. If they really care for the Muslim Women and their rights, I would like to know: 

  1. What have they done to give justice to Zakia Jafri & Bilkis Banu who have suffered in the Gujarat communal riots in 2002?
  2. What have they don’t to give justice to those 30 plus women who were raped in Muzaffarnagar riots?
  3. What have they done to give justice to the sisters who were raped in Mewat by Gau-Rakshaks?
  4. What these feminist did to get bail rejected of Babu Bajrangi who is convicted for a heinous crime in Naroda Patia. (He killed a pregnant Muslim woman and taken out baby from womb and put it on sword. He accepted this in the sting operation video done by Tahelka)
  5. What have they done for the Muslim women getting raped in the Kashmir valley?
Their silence over such issues is enough for us to understand the agenda they are fulfilling by showing fake sympathy towards Muslim women.

Triple Talaq and Halala:

We know few Muslims have misused the triple talaaq & halala. It must be condemned and it must be corrected by the scholars.

Islam strictly condemns three simultaneous talaaq. There was an incident at the time of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and “The Messenger of Allah was told about a man who had divorced his wife with three simultaneous divorces. He stood up angrily and said: Is the Book of Allah being toyed with while I am still among you? Then a man stood up and said: 'O Messenger of Allah, shall I kill him?'" (Sunan Nasai 3401)

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ cursed the persons involved in the process of halala by saying “Curse be upon the one who marries a divorced woman with the intention of making her lawful for her former husband and upon the one for whom she is made lawful.” (Sunan Abi Dawud 2076)

A Message to the Muslims:

It is Allah’s promise to give honor to the Muslims when they follow the law of Allah. If they will try to play with the laws of Allah, then they will be humiliated. It is high time for the Muslim scholars to take up this matter seriously before the government try to exploit this issue and do something which can be harmful for the whole community.

Dr. Zakir Naik may not be a Boss of the Muslims. But...

Monday, 12 September 2016 | comments

It happened as expected. After reading the open letter of Dr Zakir Naik to the Indians, it was expected that instead of answering the questions raised by Dr Zakir Naik people divert the issue and give it another angle. Now people have started asking "Is he the Boss of the Muslims? He is just an individual.”

Now people have come up with the questions: Who is Dr. Zakir Naik? What right does he possess to talk about Indian Muslims? Why Is he taking shelter behind Muslims for his crimes? Is he playing communal card?

Soon after the release of the Open Letter, one of the online news portal instead of publishing the entire letter, they published a review of their own on the letter. Some of the bloggers have already started crying after the letter. Someone wrote Dr. Zakir Naik, ban on your NGO is not an attack on Indian Muslims. No matter what questions you ask, the fact remains unchanged. Dr. Naik has seriously raised some questions which need to be addressed. There are many questions which I can discussed here but I will just talk about harassment of the Muslims in the name of terror charges.

Dr Zakir Naik said in his open letter "People are being arrested and put in jail for 7-10 years before being proven innocent by courts. But guilty or not guilty, their lives are ruined, their families are ruined, they remain unemployed, their daughters unmarried. This is what’s happening, and this is what needs to change. People’s lives cannot be played with. If the government can misuse its authority on a popular figure like me, average Muslims don’t stand a chance. And we’re talking about 20 crores of them."

I am asking my fellow Indian citizens, please be honest and tell me, is it not happening with the Muslims in our country? If you are not aware of this issue, then research it for yourself. 

Here are the few examples:

Mufti Abdulqayyum: Arrested and portrayed as the Mater-Mind of Akshardham Temple Attack in Gujarat. The way police tortured him to accept that crime which he cannot even think of it. Police even forced him to write a letter which was later told that they found this letter from the pocket of terrorist. You will be shocked to read his entire book which he has written after he was acquitted by the Supreme Court (11 Saal Salakhon ke Piche). I am sure if you have pain in your heart for your fellow human beings then you can’t stop your tears after reading each page of this book.

Noorul Huda: Arrested in Malegaon blast. Acquitted in April 2016. The Police used to tell him openly that we know you people can't do this (Malegaon) blast. Yet we are going to frame you in this terror case. He was given electric shocks on ears and forehead. Because of those electric shocks even (after 9 years) he feels the pain. He takes pain killer for the relief. His cloths were taken off. He was beaten until he accepted the charges. My dear Indians when you enjoy the news at home “Aatankwadi ne apna jurm qabul kar lia he”, never forget how that so called terrorist was forced to accept his "crime". Noorul Huda was even threatened that the police officers will harm his family members, especially ladies. (Now you can understand what I mean).

Syed Imran: Arrested in Makkah Masjid blast and was portrayed as main accused. Later acquitted by the Court. Imran who was dreaming to become cricketer, but his parents wanted him to become an Engineer. Due to the poor family background, parents expected that their son earns some money and they can live happily. But due the false charge against him as a terrorist, the entire family's life turns in to hell. Father was demoted from his job, sister lost the job, brother was mentally tortured in school. Muslims (to prove their patriotism towards India) even did stone pelting on his house (By saying: "Masjid me blast karta he tumhara ladka"). So much so that once in jail Imran even tried to commit suicide.

The list goes on with such examples.

Recent example is Arshi Qureshi and Rizwan Khan from Mumbai. Based on one complaint from Kerala, they were booked under UAPA Act. The person who does not know where is Iraq and Syria on world map is being arrested for sending youth there. Just wait and watch and InshaAllah they will be freed soon.

What I am trying to say is, there are thousands of Muslims who are still in Jail based on false charges. Their lives are being ruined. Family members are being harassed not only by the police and agencies but by the relatives as well. Let me tell you my dear fellow citizens, we cannot feel the pain of these situations until it happens with us. When one person from the family is arrested based on any charges, the whole society cut all kinds of relations with them, even the friends delete the mobile number from their cell phone to show they were not friends due to the fear they have of police and the agencies. Nobody cares. Nobody talks.

I ask who is responsible behind all these? Aren't Muslims being harassed? Aren't Muslims being attacked based on beef allegation? Aren't Muslim sisters are being raped on beef politics? Aren't Muslims being killed for allegedly eating beef and later their family members are booked under anti-beef laws? Aren't Muslim sisters are being thrashed by Mob at railway stations? Aren't Muslims being forced to eat cow dung and drink cow urine? Aren't Muslim sisters who were raped in riots still waiting for justice and their rapists are roaming freely?

Ah, I know some of my fellow citizens tell me, Muslims are living in better condition in India as compare to the different parts of the World. I say you just "SHUT UP". If Muslims of the other parts of the world are suffering, is this argument justifies the atrocities done on Indian Muslims? Two wrongs does not make one right.

I salute Dr. Zakir Naik for raising this issue and the government & politicians cannot skip this question by asking who is Dr. Zakir Naik. Is he the boss? Sir, Whether Dr. Zakir Naik is a boss or a layman, the fact is you have failed to gather proofs against him. Yes! Dr. Zakir Naik rightly said, "If the government can misuse its authority on a popular figure like me, average Muslims don’t stand a chance. And we’re talking about 20 crores of them."

Average Muslims don't stand a chance and I have given few examples above. I am 100% sure if Dr. Zakir Naik would not have been a popular figure they would have booked him long ago. and he too would have suffered like the brothers I have mentioned above. But Alhumdulillah they have failed to do so. If raising social issues of the Muslims and speaking against injustice done to them makes a person Anti-National and Communal, Then Yes! Dr. Zakir Naik is Communal and Anti National.

Dr. Zakir Naik is not the boss of the Muslims. We do not have blind-bhakti. We work to please Allah and no one else. However, let me tell you:
  • He is the most sought-out crowd puller public speaker, not only in India but in the World.
  • He is helping poor and needy students, whether Muslims or Non-Muslims, to become doctor and engineer.
  • He is the second Indian who received King Faisal Award after Syed Abul Hasan Nadvi for the service of Islam. (If you dislike this argument, ask the government to speak to Saudi counter and protest for the award Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given to this "Dr Terror").
  • Even Indian Express ranked Dr. Naik as third spiritual guru after Sri Sri And Baba Ramdev.
  • The UAE Government has given awards to him.
  • The Toko Ma’al Hijrah award Malaysian government has given to Dr. Zakir Naik is mostly presented to Malaysians.
  • The Nigerian government had officially invited him in Nigeria
You may ignore Dr. Zakir Naik’s popularity, but cannot reject it, and you have accepted his popularity by not framing him till now even by having such a massive Anti Zakir Naik media campaigns. You have failed. Alhumdulillah (All praises are due to Allah)

Lastly, I would like to say to my fellow Indian Muslims,

Brothers and sisters, let me remind you, there is a politician from the same ruling party who said before this Lok Sabha election 2014 - we will take advantage of sectarian differences among the Muslims.

They don't want Muslims to get united. They don't want Muslims popular figures to be respected. They don't want Muslims to raise their voice against injustice done to them. I am sure, some media houses will invite some topi-wearing sectarian ‘Mullah’ to talk against Dr. Zakir Naik’s open letter. And in the competition to prove their patRIOTism, they will abuse Dr. Zakir Naik and try hard to dilute the effect of the open letter written by Dr. Zakir Naik.

Let me tell you dear brothers and sisters, you won't find such ‘Mullahs’ talking against the atrocities done to the Muslims. They keep silence when Muslims suffers. They only get activated when the time comes to ignite sectarian differences among the Muslims. I am not going name them you can identify them by their actions.

Rain of Injustice, for how long?

Sunday, 11 September 2016 | comments

Since the day Modi government comes to power, we have been seeing number of cases where the religious sentiments of the different minority religion are hurt in different parts of the India, be it Muslims, Dalits, Christian or Sikh.

The most remarkable point that has forced me to write this article is "Beef Issue". This issue became hot since NDA government came in to power. Muslims across India are being tortured based on false allegations of consuming beef and indulging in beef business.

Recent case of Mewat, Haryana on 24-25 August 2016 at night, some "Gau-Rakshaks" entered a Muslim house, killed two people; not just this, they even raped two sisters among them one was minor. While raping they said, "We are doing this with you, because you eat beef."

Before this incident there were many cases reported in the media where Muslims were forced to eat cow dung and drink urine of the cow. Literally videos are being recording while Muslims are beaten by these hooligans. These videos are proudly circulated on the social media. There are various documented proofs available in the media against these heinous crimes.

The way videos are being circulated without strict action being taken against them sends an indirect message to the Muslims that "We are lord of this land. You need to be the second category citizens. You need to be like servants. Don’t even think of any action against our will, if you do so, the same things would be repeated on you too.” Fear psychosis is being created among the Muslim masses.

The question is: For how long do we tolerate such hooliganism in our country? For how long this rain of injustice and inequality will continue? For how long Muslims of India will be humiliated? For how long will the innocent Muslim women suffer?

I am exteremly disappointed with the person who said "Goli Marni he to mujhe maaro, par mere dalit bhaiyon ko mat maro" MAN you are the PM of only Dalits? Muslims are being humiliated more than dalits on beef issue. But I salute my Dalit brothers who took on the country when few of the Dalits were beaten in UNA and forced the PM to say the above words.

Now I ask my Muslim brothers and sisters, when will you force the PM to speak against the atrocities you are suffering from "Gau-Rakshaks"?
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