My review on Arnab Goswami’s newshour debate on Zakir Naik’s issue

Sunday, 3 January 2016 | comments

By: Iftikhar Islam

While watching news on Times Now I saw the news scrolls related to Mangalore and the name “Naik” appeared. I was confirmed, this news is about Dr. Zakir Naik which was related to the hashtag #CommunalDoublegame, the topic of Arnab Goswami’s Debate 1 (on 30th Dec 2015). The hashtag clearly displayed the intention of Arnab Goswami and his stance against Zakir Naik. But in the debate he crossed the expectations and painted Zakir Naik and other communalists with the same brush. No doubt he will speak against Zakir Naik but I thought he may do it in a diplomatic way – following the ethics of journalism.

With half-baked research, Arnab laid various severe allegations against Dr. Zakir Naik that are absurd, ill-intended and malicious in nature. He has crossed all the levels in degrading Dr. Zakir Naik which he think he has done a wonderful thing. If he was truthful in his debate, then he would have invited people from IRF who knows Dr. Zakir Naik closely; or at least those who organize or listen to Dr. Zakir Naik’s speeches regularly. The cowardness of Arnab is exposed clearly when he started debating with those who doesn’t even know anything about Dr. Zakir Naik.

It is said in Hindi “Kutta bhi apne ilakhe mein sher banta hai” (Even dog becomes lion in his area). I openly challenge you Mr. Arnab to have a debate with me on the same topic. Only sitting in the studio and asking questions to the fans of Dr. Zakir Naik who cannot respond you while sitting at home. Is this an ethical journalism? You would have called them and asked in the studio in front of the Nation. Now Nation wants to know the answers to your allegations. Are you ready to take up the debate again? Brave men face the challenges while the cowards run.

Arnab Goswami Dr. Zakir Naik debate on Times Now

Let me briefly refute the allegations laid on Dr. Zakir Naik:

Dr. Zakir Naik is a self-proclaimed scholar:

It is ridiculous to speak without knowledge and when a journalist of high caliber speaks ignorantly then it becomes dangerous. Dr. Zakir Naik has never claimed himself to be a scholar in religion. I challenge Arnab and his whole team to produce a single sentence or incident where Dr. Zakir Naik has claimed himself to be a scholar. He says “I am a student of Islam and Comparative religions”. He further says “The value of Dr. Zakir Naik is ZERO in Islam”.

On the other hand Arnab is a self-claimed “honest” journalist. When Minakshi Lekhi, an advocate, accused Arnab of taking money, he got furious and said “Never ever make an accusation to an honest journalist”

Dr. Zakir Naik supports Osama Bin Laden:

Zakir Naik never supported Osama Bin Laden. He has neither spoken in favour not against him. He is a man who handles open Q&A sessions in which any person from the audience can pose any question on the subject of ‘Islam and Comparative Religions.’ When any one ask him about Osama Bin Laden he says I neither believe him to be a saint nor terrorist. I haven’t met him. Media can turn hero into villain and villain into hero. He is just silent on the issue because the Quran says “O you who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done.” (Quran 49:6)

Regarding the statements Arnab Goswami quotes of Dr. Zakir Naik, it is out of context and more than a decade old. If you see the video completely you will get to know what Zakir Naik wants to say.
Dr. Zakir Naik says 9/11 is an inside job:

When Zakir Naik did said 9/11 is an inside job? Watch his (all-time favourite) video on the topic “Is Terrorism a Muslim monopoly?” you will get the complete understanding of what Zakir Naik said about 9/11. He just quotes the people who says 9/11 is an inside job. So according to your logic the government should also restrict even those people from addressing public gatherings?

Even if Dr. Zakir Naik says 9/11 is an inside job, what is wrong in it? Haven’t you researched about 9/11 yet? If no, then it is embarrassment on us having this kind of un-researched journalism in our country. Shame on you to claim having “investigative” journalism.

Just for a hint, study about False Flag Operations. I feel sorry to give an advice to a high caliber journalist of the nation.

Vandemataram issue:

Arnab feels “strange and ironical” when Zakir Naik says singing Vandemaratam goes against Islam and Hinduism. This shows how ignorant and illiterate Arnab is and how scholarly knowledge Zakir Naik possess. What Arnab knows when it comes to Islam or Hinduism? He just knows to shout and scream.

Vandemataram has some lines which directly goes against the teachings of Islam as well as the sacred scriptures of Hinduism. If Arnab Goswami doesn’t have the knowledge about religions then he should keep his mouth shut. Is vandemataram the criteria to judge the patriotism for the country? Is vandemataram the criteria to restrict people from addressing the large gatherings?

Dr. Zakir Naik provokes audience:

Arnab said, “I think he is saying the things deliberately to provoke the audience because that brings him viewer[ship]”. I can just laugh on Arnab’s analogy. How many lectures Arnab have seen of Dr. Zakir Naik? Dr. Zakir Naik has debated many prominent personalities in the world. Even after the debates nothing has happened. If Zakir Naik would have provoked the audience, then there would have been protests against him immediately. Why there are protests now, for those words he uttered more than a decade ago, and that too quoting him out of context. The reality is that people are accepting Islam openly in his programs that seems to be danger for them in the future.

Dr. Zakir Naik speaks venom:

You need to understand the meaning of ‘venom’. By the way in which school have you studied Arnab? Who has appointed you in Times Now? What you do at 9 pm daily in your studio? Do you spread love? You spread brotherhood? What you do in the studio is venom. You speak those things which even you - if you sit quietly - ponder upon it, you will laugh on yourself.

“Let’s come to the common term first”, “Go back to the scriptures”, “Believe in one God” are these statements venom? After the debate, in the concluding sessions he say “I was just replying to allegations, I am not here to hurt the sentiments of the people” even this is venom? “I don’t know who Osama is, I have never met him… I cannot say whether he is a saint or a terrorist”, “When you get the news verify it”, even now he is speaking venom? When the media asked him about Sadhvi Pragya Singh, he said the same thing “I don’t know who Sadhvi Pragya Singh is, I cannot say whether she is a saint or a terrorist” Do you mean to say these sentences are venom as well?

Shiva and Ganesh issue:

Arnab says he didn’t even want to quote what Zakir Naik has said about Shiva and Ganesh. Why didn’t Arnab quote Zakir Naik on this issue? He very well escaped saying, “you want to me repeat what he says in the context of Shiva and Ganesh, I won’t repeat it.” Why?

The explanation Zakir Naik has given is in the context when non-Muslim friends and neighbors force or offer Muslims to eat Prasad. In answer to this he gave an example of Shiva and Ganesh and ask them to prove that ‘Shiva is God’ then we will eat ‘Prasad’. Because Muslims cannot eat those food on which anyone’s name is taken besides God. Even if anyone has taken the name of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the food, the food becomes prohibited for the Muslims.

In the context to explain that Muslims won’t eat food which is offered to any deities beside God, he narrated the story of Shiva and Ganesh. If it is false, then correct Zakir Naik with true version of the story. Dr. Zakir Naik is open for correction. The narration is only for the sake of knowledge, not to degrade or hurt anyone. Dr. Zakir Naik often quotes this ayat (verse) of the Quran which says “Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest in the ignorance they will revile Allah” (Quran 6:108)

If the true story hurts you then stories and films should hurt you more. Those who write stories and make films should be restricted from making more films. The Director of the film ‘O My God’ Umesh Shukhla; and Producers Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Yashvini Yardi; should be banned for showing all those stuffs in the movie. The team of the film ‘PK’ - Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Abhijat Joshi, Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and others - should be restricted from making more films.

Why only target Zakir Naik and leave others? Only because Zakir Naik is a Muslim? Or more and more people accept Islam in Zakir Naik’s gathering?

This is a brief response to some of the allegations which Arnab has deliberately put on Dr. Zakir Naik. I could have given point by point refutation to Arnab Goswami. I don’t want the response to get lengthy. There are many illogical and nonsensical statements given by him which I thought of not worth responding.

I didn’t touch the four points he has given to compare Zakir Naik to the other communalist. It is not worth responding. The audience of Zakir Naik consist of the people of all faiths but that communalist have only people of his community. All the four points which Arnab mentions fit the other communalist and not Zakir Naik.

Before concluding the response, I would like to throw some light on how Arnab fools the viewers:

Misquoting the Law:

He quoted section 295 of IPC against Zakir Naik. Here are the exact words of the section. “295. Injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class. — Whoever destroys, damages or defiles any place of worship, or any object held sacred by any class of persons with the intention of thereby insulting the religion of any class of persons or with the knowledge that any class of persons is likely to consider such destruction, damage or defile­ment as an insult to their religion..”

Does this section fits Zakir Naik in ANY manner? I hope Arnab understands these simple words of the section. You don’t have to be a lawyer to interpret this section and apply on Dr. Zakir Naik. The other sections of IPC and CrPC and Article 19 (2) of the Constitution of India is subject of discussion when it comes to application on Dr. Zakir Naik. Being a student of Law, I can just laugh on Arnab.

Arnab lacks research:

By quoting unwanted section for Dr. Zakir Naik, he showed the level of research he has. The other allegations and sentences he quoted against Zakir Naik has already been answered by Dr. Zakir Naik before and relayed on Peace TV multiple times and available on YouTube. The allegations are taken from a decade old tapes which Zakir Naik already answered in his new tapes.

Arnab and his team doesn’t know the countries in which Zakir Naik is banned. Times Now was regularly displaying US and UK in the countries that banned Zakir Naik. When did US banned Zakir Naik from entering in their state?

Arnab fools the viewers by inviting unrelated persons as panelists, keep few photocopies of the papers, scream and do not allow the person to speak. Even if he allow once, he takes the time to refute and does not allow the person to refute his baseless allegations and goes on to another panelist and divert the question.

Henry Anatole Grunwald said “Journalism can never be silent…” and Arnab took it seriously!

If you want to know about Dr. Zakir Naik in the right perspective, then watch his videos for yourself (here: and you be the judge whether Zakir Naik is the prince of peace or preacher of hate.


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Founder-Editor of Passionate Writers and GPRF (a non-profit org. in Belgaum), incredible author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from prestigious IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Media and Law. | Know More |

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It’s not about BEEF, It’s about DOMINANCE.

Thursday, 1 October 2015 | comments

Air Force personnel's father killed by mob near Delhi over beef rumours

Recent incident in U.P. didn’t shake me at all as we all know the agendas of BJP and the right wings clearly. After Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister, the Right Wing has become more active than before. Last time we have seen the incident of Nagaland lynching for alleged rape, this time for alleged consumption of beef. No wonder we see these kinds of incidents in the future too. I say, O Muslims be ready to get butchered… it’s your time now. 

We see continuous hate inculcating in the minds of youth towards minorities – especially Muslims – that the youth are afraid to befriend these minorities. People search for the excuse to harass the minorities and put fear in their hearts. Right from an early age these ‘karyakartas’ are trained to hate the minorities and torture them whenever they gets an opportunity.

I say, this incident of lynching a MUSLIM is not because of eating beef, but to show the supremacy and inculcate fear in the hearts of the Muslims. “Beef” is just an excuse; their agenda is to show supremacy. I call them hypocrites. They can only do such things because they do not have guts to stand for the truth or face the truth. Truth is always bitter for those who hate it. If you are working to inculcate fear in the hearts of Muslims; remember, a true Muslim only fears Allah and no one else. 

If beef is the only issue, then why India is the largest export in Beef? According to the data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, India exported 2.4 million tonnes of beef and veal in FY2015, compared to 2 million tonnes by Brazil and 1.5 million by Australia. Data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) shows that most of India’s beef exports go to Asian countries. India’s beef exports have been growing at an average of nearly 14 per cent each year since 2011, and fetching India as much as $4.8 billion in 2014. Last year, India for the first time earned more from the export of buffalo meat than it did from Basmati rice.

There are approximately 3,600 slaughterhouses operating legally in India. However, there are estimated to be over 30,000 illegal slaughterhouses.

In an article published in The Hindu newspaper, by the title ‘Vegetarianism, tolerance and discrimination’ Tarunabh Khaitan, a researcher on anti-discrimination law, at the University of Oxford, being a vegetarian, shared the incident, “Madhavi Kapoor wanted to sell her apartment in a posh housing society in Pune to a Muslim family. She faced all sorts of obstacles and discouragement. She told a news-channel that some gentleman asked her “Toh phir aapko chalega lawn par bakri katne ko.” (“So slaughter of goats on the lawn will be ok with you?”).

How likely this (or any, for that matter) Muslim family is to slaughter goats on the lawn is questionable. This gentleman would probably have had no objection to selling the flat to meat-eating Hindus, but Farrah, my vegetarian Muslim friend, would certainly invite hostility. The incident shows how, on the pretext of vegetarianism, we are building exclusive intolerant ghettoes in our cities.”

It is okay when any Hindu eats beef, even if he is a Brahmin, but it is not tolerated to be even a vegetarian if you are a Muslim or a Christian. I am sure those who talk about beef ban themselves eat beef. This is the pathetic situation we are living in. If we want India to be really a peaceful place to live in, then we should lay down strict laws on equality and ban those organizations that instill hate and intolerance towards other faith. 

Hypocrisy of the Police:

When the family had lost its main member and the other was fighting for his life, the police was busy in collecting the samples of meat from the victim's home. It is not crime in U.P. to posses the beef, slaughtering is prohibited. There is no proof that the family has slaughtered cow for their festival. Even if the samples of the meat proves it to be a beef (which it is not), they have not committed any crime. By collecting the samples of the meat and sending it to forensic, the police has shown their hypocrisy. 

If the maintainers of law misuse it, then on whom do we trust?

I am not well since past two days but the incident didn’t allowed me to rest without writing on this issue. I hope the good people of the society break their silence and stand for justice.


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Founder-Editor of Passionate Writers and GPRF (a non-profit org. in Belgaum), incredible author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from prestigious IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Media and Law. | Know More |

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My Tribute to the proud son of India - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam

Sunday, 16 August 2015 | comments

By: +Iftikhar Islam

I apologize I couldn’t pen down my tribute to the great personality of India. My schedule didn’t permit me to write about him. I am sorry…

It was sad to hear the news of the demise of one of the best presidents of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam, a man who believed in struggle with simplicity. He worked hard and smart in his life. By his early childhood, his family had become poor. At an early age, he sold newspapers to supplement his family's income. He has seen poverty very closely.

He worked hard to accomplish his dream of becoming a ‘fighter pilot’ but missed narrowly as his place was ninth in qualifiers and only eight positions were available in the IAF. When he was working on a senior class project, the Dean was dissatisfied with his lack of progress and threatened to revoke his scholarship unless the project was finished within next three days. Abdul Kalam completed the task within the given time, satisfied his dean and later received appreciation from him.

He started his career by designing a small helicopter for the Indian Army, but remained unconvinced by his choice of a job at DRDO. In 1969, Abdul Kalam was transferred to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) where he was the project director of India's first Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III). His research and educational leadership brought him great laurels and prestige in the 1980s, which prompted the government to initiate an advanced missile programme under his directorship.

In 1998, along with cardiologist Soma Raju, Abdul Kalam developed a low cost coronary stent, named the "Kalam-Raju Stent". In 2012, the duo designed a rugged tablet computer for health care in rural areas, which was named the "Kalam-Raju Tablet".

“It was Kalam who had formulated the country's Integrated Missile Programme and propelled India towards emerging as a missile power.” G Satheesh Reddy, Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister said. "His dreams are never-ending. The greatest tribute we can pay him is to fulfill his dreams and realise his vision for the country," he added.

Saraswat, a former DRDO chief, said “the former President brought in such values among youth that today, every youth gets motivated by the sheer mention of the name ‘Dr Kalam’”

For his work on the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology, he came to be known as the ‘Missile Man of India’. He never owned a television, and was in the habit of rising at 6:30 or 7 a.m and sleeping by 2 a.m.

I haven’t found anyone speaking ill about Dr Abdul Kalam. His simplicity and dedication for his work helped him to achieve extra ordinary goals in life. Even his critics were silent on his death and spoke only positive and acknowledged his achievements for the development of this country. This shows how his personality has even convinced the critics.

Abdul Kalam said “For great men, religion is a way of making friends; small people make religion a fighting tool." This is the principle we follow in our organization, GPRF, too. We meet people of other faiths to establish communal harmony in the society. People use religion to divide but we use religion to unite.

We know he has influenced millions of people, but as a human being he too has committed errors. I pray Allah to forgive his short comings and reward him for all the good he has done and grant him the highest paradise. Aameen


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Founder-Editor of Passionate Writers and GPRF (a non-profit org. in Belgaum), incredible author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from prestigious IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Media and Law. | Know More |

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Yakub put to gallows… What about others in line?

Wednesday, 5 August 2015 | comments

By: +Iftikhar Islam

The moment I got the news about Yakub Memon’s Death Penalty and rejection of “mercy” petitions, I remembered the execution of Afzal Guru. Like Afzal Guru, I was not aware about Yakub Memon too (before the execution). I thought of researching on his life and present my views on this issue too.

To be very clear even I am among those who has criticized the Death Penalty given to Yakub Memon. Those eminent personalities who criticized the judgment includes Research and Analysis Wing officer B. Raman, former Supreme Court judge Justice H. S. Bedi, former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, Hussain Zaidi, Ram Jethmalani, Asaduddin Owaisi, R. Jagannathan, and many more… who asked for implementation of the Srikrishna Commission report.

“About 300 prominent citizens, including at least eight retired judges of the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court, have urged India's president to commute Memon's sentence to life in prison, reflecting what appears to be growing uneasiness in India with the death penalty.”

In his book “Turning Point: A Journey through Challenges” Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam wrote "one of the more difficult tasks for me as President was to decide on the issue of confirming capital punishment awarded by courts ... to my surprise ... almost all cases which were pending had a social and economic bias… This gave me an impression that we were punishing the person who was least involved in the enmity and who did not have a direct motive for committing the crime,"

It is clear that the cases of death penalty are facing “social and economic” bias. After hanging Dhananjoy Chatterjee on 14th August 2004, in the span of almost eleven years, three convicts are put to death – all were Muslims. Apart from putting Ajmal Kasab into gallows, the decisions of both Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon were questioned, with due respect to the Supreme Court.

Yakub was a qualified Charted Accountant and in 1992 he won an award for the best chartered accountant in the Memon community. When he was linked in the ‘1993 Bombay bombings’ with his brother (and family), he left India. He was suspected because he was the one who handled the accounts of his brothers. He returned India in hope that he may get light sentence and surrendered to Indian authorities. He returned back carefully collecting the information, which included photos and audio clips, required for Indian authorities about Tiger Memon, Jaliawala and Dawood Ibrahim. This information helped India to confirm about the presence of D-Gang in Pakistan.
[For more info read: The Yakub Memon Story – The Man who helped India expose Pakistan role in 1993 Bombay Blasts ]

The Director of CBI, K Vijay Rama Rao, said that the “Memons had surrendered because they had had no other option.” If it is true, why Tiger, Jaliawala and Dawood have not yet surrendered?

Justice Srikrishna Report:

J. Srikrishna Report says, the series of blasts were the reaction of the events happened in Ayodhya and December 1992 & January 1993 Bombings.

"From 8th January 1993 at least there is no doubt that the Shiv Sena and Shiv Sainiks took the lead in organising attacks on Muslims and their properties under the guidance of several leaders of the Shiv Sena from the level of Shakha Pramukh to the Shiv Sena Pramukh Bal Thackeray who, like a veteran General, commanded his loyal Shiv Sainiks to retaliate by organised attacks against Muslims.” J. S. Report says. The riots happened because of the “statements and acts and writings and directives issued by the Shiv Sena Pramukh Bal Thackeray.”

According the Report “Tiger Memon and his family had suffered extensively during the riots”


Justice will be done to the Indian society if the culprits of “Babri Masjid Demolition” and “Bombay riots 1992-93” are booked and punished as enthusiastically as the Death Penalty given to Yakub Mamon. Those were the events that led the series of Bombay bombings to happen. Justice Srikrishna commission report should be implemented and the culprits should be booked and punished without mercy, if the judiciary really wants to do justice.s

Those who convicted and are in death row should also be sent into the gallows as earnestly as it is done in case of Yakub Memon

Famous journalist Rahul Kanwal of India Today writes, “On Friday, Arun Jaitley told India Today in an interview that the government does not decide who is to be punished on the basis of their religion. But the reality is that Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar, Balwant Singh Rajaona and Rajiv Gandhi's assassins have been able to escape the noose because of the backing of political parties in their states.” He further writes “Arun Jaitley says that rioters will also be made to face the gallows, just like terrorists. But the fact is that successive governments in Maharashtra made no attempt to implement the findings of the Justice Srikrishna report on the Mumbai riots in which 900 people were killed.”

Let’s see how the existing government makes attempts to put into gallows for those who instigated the riots and were responsible for killing of 900 innocents. The convict who was responsible for killing 257 innocents is punished and the culprits who were responsible for killing 900 innocents are free – living normal life

Supreme Court should not allow political influence to dominate when it comes to justice. If criminals are escaping the real punishment and innocents are getting harsher punishments, then there will be no hope on judiciary of India.

My response to the comments against “those who supported Yakub Memon’s mercy plea”:

“All those who asked for mercy to be shown towards Memon should be tried for being enemies of the country… These people had not lost anyone in the Mumbai attacks and were thus pleading for leniency.” – Shiv Sena.

What about those who were responsible for instigating 1992-93 riots? It was a “cause and effect” according to J. Srikrishna report. Should they be given Bharat Ratna? Why Shiv Sena is silent on this issue? “He Who Seeks Equity Must Do Equity” – Legal Maxim.

“Intelligence shd keep a tab on all (expt relatives & close friends) who assembled bfr Yakub Memon's corpse. Many are potential terrorists” - Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy (tweet)

This happens because of lack of knowledge. ‘Getting knowledge before speaking’ is the “first commandment” every politician should remember. The argument given by Roy while speaking to Indian Express displayed the lack of knowledge about Islamic rulings and Muslim culture about funerals. I don’t go into the details here

Regarding “potential terrorists”, only one sentence “Keep your mouth shut!!!” We are more loyal to this country than you are. Period.

How come the governor of Tripura interfering in the matters of ‘Intelligence Bureau’? May be he needs to resign from the post and join IB to utilize his skills effectively. 

The person who was responsible for the killing of 257 innocents is put to gallows and those who are responsible for the killing of 900 innocents are free – living normal life. Are they not “Potential Terrorists”!!!


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Founder-Editor of Passionate Writers and GPRF (a non-profit org. in Belgaum), incredible author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from prestigious IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Media and Law. | Know More |

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Law only for poor, rich mostly gets escape – ‘Death Penalty only for Dalits and Religious Minorities’: Survey

Sunday, 26 July 2015 | comments

We know the sluggish judicial system of India offering “justice” to the citizens after making them wait for long years – wasting the career of students and young professionals – without any compensation. Those who believed (including me) “law is equal to all” should get a shock after knowing the findings of recent study of National Law University. 

“A recent study by the NLU that has researched death row convicts since 2000 has found that of the 1,617 prisoners sentenced to death by trial courts, the capital punishment was confirmed in only 71 cases. While 22 convicts were acquitted, in the case of 115, it was commuted to life” the Times of India reported. “A first of its kind study, which has analyzed data from interviews with 373 death row convicts over a 15-year period, has found three-fourths of those given the death penalty belonged to backward classes, religious minorities and 75% were from economically weaker sections.” The TOI added.

Passionate Writers - law
The research shows as many as 93.5% of those sentenced to death for terror offences are Dalits or Religious Minorities.

As reported by The Hindu “In all, just 59 cases of the original 1,790 — or fewer than five per cent — were confirmed by the Supreme Court. In all, a third of death sentences given by trial courts resulted in acquittals at a later stage”. The Times of India report says “between 2000 and 2015, 1,617 were sentenced to death by the trial courts - 42% of them from UP and Bihar. The conviction rate, however, at the stage of high courts and the SC was much lower at 17.5% and 4.9% respectively. Most death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment or acquitted.”

According to Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan, “only 1% of the people can afford a competent lawyer. Afzal Guru hardly had any legal representation at the trial court stage”. If this is the case of our Judicial System, then on whom should the poor and marginalized people rely upon? Which door should people knock for justice in India? We know justice delayed is justice denied. 

The basic principle of our Criminal Jurisprudence says “let the 100 culprits go free, no innocent should be convicted” but in reality we realize that law is imposed only on poor and some sections of the society, while the rich and influential persons get away from the clutches of law. What happens when the innocents are acquitted after a long period of time? Who care about the ‘life-less’ parents, ‘widow-like’ wife, ‘father-less’ children and broken homes? What compensation the honourable courts grant them for the loss occurred? Not even monetary compensation is given, and can mere ‘monetary benefits’ be considered as compensation? What action is taken against those officers who have misused the power? What steps are taken to find the real culprits?

Source: The Times of India
When the Court acquits any accused the file gets closed. Why not the honourable courts direct to find the real culprits who were behind the crimes committed? What about the particular incidents happen in the country? Who has plotted them? Merely acquitting the person/s is justice (and that too after a long period of time)? 

There are many bomb blasts take place and police arrests few youths mainly targeting a particular section of the society. After couple of years the youth are acquitted and the case is closed. What happened in case of Akshardham Temple (Gujarat) Attack? It was attacked on 24 September 2002 and the honourable Supreme Court acquitted all the accused on 16 May 2014, after 14 long years! What about Malegaon Blast (2006), Mecca Masjid Blast (2007), Ajmer Dargah Attack (2007), Samjhauta Express Bombings (2007), Malegaon & Modasa Bombings (2008) and the list goes on… 

When the accused were not involved in the blast then who has planned and executed it? How can our honourable courts are so lenient in the issues like terrorism, when they are so serious in solving this problem? Unless we investigate the incidents in detail and till the end, the problems don’t end. The honourable Courts by suo-motto should direct the concerned officials to reinvestigate the case when the accused gets acquitted.

We need to work out strategically and come up with the solutions and impose law equally on all the citizens. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The previous nations were destroyed, because they let off persons of high rank and punished the poor and the helpless".


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About the Author:
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Iftikhar Islam is the Founder-Editor of Passionate Writers and GPRF (a non-profit org. in Belgaum), incredible author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from prestigious IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Media and Law. | Know More |

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It’s not at all about rape, but territory: ‘Gunda Raj’ on the rise - Nagaland Lynching issue

Thursday, 12 March 2015 | comments

Angry mob killed a Muslim (who was alleged rape accused) suspecting him to be a Bangladeshi – “an illegal emigrant”.

The incident about the “vigilante justice” has raised strong questions against the security system of our country where an angry mob of more than 7000 (some reports 10000) people dragged an alleged rapist from the judicial custody, striped, pelted stones and lynched him. They lugged him 7 km away from the “high-security” Dimapur Central Jail and hanged the blood-drenched body to the clock tower of the city.

According to the testimony of the “victim”, there was another man who helped the main accused to be with her. From her interview (scroll down to see the interview) we come to know that even the co-accused was equally responsible, rather more responsible, than the accused in this crime. But the angry mob systematically targeted only the main accused Syed Sarif Uddin Khan by dragging him 7 km to death. This clearly shows that it was not at all about rape but about territory. The mob would have killed even the co-accused but he was left because he was a ‘naga’ man and the accused was a Muslim so they easily believed him to be an “illegal” Bangladeshi immigrant and executed him in the most brutal manner. “They found it hard to accept that an 'outsider' dared to commit such a crime on a local Naga girl.” First Report reported.

Nagaland Lynching issue - Passionate Writers
“If my brother was an illegal immigrant, how am I in the Indian Army?” Jamaluddin Khan, brother of the victim, argued. “They have made my brother scapegoat”, he grieved.

Sarifuddin’s two brothers, Jamaluddin khan and kamal khan, are currently in the Indian army and one brother, Imanuddin khan got killed in the Kargil war 1999. His father, Syed Hussain khan, was in Air Force.

The attack was so planned that some of them had taken printout of his photograph and many of them had his picture in their mobile – only targeting him. We can also see how brutally he was killed by the mob and others taking pictures and videos of the blood-drenched man. Medical report was not available when he was lynched.

This incident happened in the country where we believe to have the “smart” police force and security forces operating. But this incident have raised many questions on security and filled the fear in the hearts of minorities living across the nation.

It takes hours together to gather such a large crowd. More than 7000 people marching towards Jail, breaking the strong multiple gates, singling out the accused in the Jail, bringing him out, pelting stones, dragging out about seven kilometers and hanging the body on clock tower in the city. Imagine the time taken to the crowd to do all these activities.

The police could have easily intervened and stop the mob in performing their illegal activities and arrest those who were guilty of the offences. Dimapur SP Meren Jamir said “How could I use maximum force when there were hundreds of girls in school and college uniforms in the front of a massive mob? It was difficult. There would have been several casualties.” Even if there were school and college students in the mob, they could have easily controlled the mob before they were marching towards the Dimapur Central Jail. Vikram Singh, former DGP, UP said, “they could have used the help of women police force for separating the girls in school and college uniform and could have used non-lethal alternatives like water canal, tear gas and lathi”. What is the use of ‘Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958’ (AFSPA) if it is not used in such situations?

According to India Today report, “Syed Farid Khan, a 35-year-old second hand car dealer, was accused of raping a 20-year-old Naga woman on February 23 and 24 at different locations. Police arrested him on February 25 and a lower court sent him to judicial custody.” What was the lady doing with him on 24th February if he has already raped her on 23rd? The CCTV footage clearly shows that she has walked in the hotel room of her free will. “It appears on the basis of Khan’s confession, that it was not rape but consensual sex,” a Home Ministry official quoted the Nagaland government report as stating.

"The woman who levelled the rape charges was close to his family and on very good terms with Farid's wife. I met her many times at their home," Suber, brother of the victim, said. "She had even visited Bosla with Farid and his family." The Telegraph reported.

Even by knowing that the majority members of the family serves in Indian Army, if people does not believe a person to be an Indian citizen, shows the hatred they have for the particular group of people.

While speaking to NDTV, Joel Naga, General Secretary of Naga Council, a civil society group said “Just because they have served in the Indian Army doesn’t make them the bonafide Indian citizen” This is the most heinous allegation on the security of Indian Army. It means anyone from any country can join Indian Army with fake documents. Further the NDTV reported him as saying "We resent the Assam government's vote bank politics. Anyone can procure documents for citizenship proof for even 50 rupees, and even manage a job here. We strongly suspect Khan to be an illegal migrant, even if he has a (documentary) proof."

Nagaland lynching - Passionate Writers
People like Joel Naga, questioning on the security of Indian Army and the documents prepared in India can lead to serious chaos in the whole country. Police should take stern action on these people too to retain back the confidence of minorities and maintain the status of India in front of other countries.

The incident has shaken the entire nation and questions are being raised on Indian security system. Even in the presence of eight security companies the mob could manage to break down the high-security prison gates and took out the accused, dragged him for seven kilometer, pelted stones on him, striped him off completely, and hanged him to the clock tower. The authorities failed miserably in performing their duties effectively. This will be a black spot on Indian authorities. So far the police have managed to arrest only few out of thousands. Even there is no action on the local media who reported false news about him being “illegal Bangladeshi immigrant”.

"This is a serious lapse in the criminal justice system," said Shemeer Babu, Programmes Director at Amnesty International India. "The Nagaland government must ensure that every person who was part of the mob is brought to justice. Failure to do so will send the message that anyone can commit outrageous abuses and attempt to justify them as an expression of public anger." IBN Live reported.

Questions raised:
  • On what basis local media reported him as “illegal Bangladeshi immigrant”?
  • What was police doing when mob marched towards jail?
  • Why didn’t police use other non-lethal alternatives to disperse the crowd?
  • Why the help of Army was not taken under AFSPA?
  • Is politics behind this incident?
  • How the mob easily broke the Jail?
  • They broke the strong steels of Jail inside?
  • What were security forces of Jail doing at the time of incident?
  • What was police doing of the respective areas when they marched 7 km?
  • How the mob of 7000-8000 gathered without the permission of DC?
  • Who is responsible of this heinous attack?

The rape victim interviewed by NDTV:

Could you tell us what exactly happened on February 23rd?

“It was on 23rd night the co-accused (naga man) called me.. and called me to have some snacks together, he told me that he was alone so I believed and decided to go with him, but later I discovered that he was not alone but he was with the main accused. I told him that I will not go but the co-accused told me that ‘everything is okay when I am with you’”

Did you know the accused person from before?

Yeah, he was my neighbor

Okay, so he was a known person to you… And then what happened?

And then by saying that he just drove off the car and by reaching Super market they bought drinks instead of snacks. And then while we are on the way, the co-accused, on the pretext of meeting his friend, went off a distance away from the car and the accused said to reverse the car, but instead of reversing the car he just start off the car and took me directly to a stadium and then directly to a fort and then directly to a fort.. fort mile..”

See there are allegations that.. there was.. you have asked for money and then some two lakh rupees and all, so the accused side of the story we have heard, would you clarify from your side, what do you have to say about that.

It was only after the incident, he told me.. he gave me the money to keep silent and get rig off so I took it the money and give it to the Police Station


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Administrator-Founder of Passionate Writers and GPRF (a non-profit org. in Belgaum), incredible author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from prestigious IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Media and Law. | Know More |

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AK-49 worked more than NM-257 and NM-4615 together: The Defeat of Modi.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 | comments

By: Iftikhar Islam

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

The election result today, February 10th, 2015, have shocked not only the people of India but the entire Globe. Out of 70 seats, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has won 67 with massive majority by creating a history and proving all the exit polls wrong in their predictions. The highest prediction was done at 48 seats by “Today’s Chanakya”.

We had seen the “modi wave” in the country during the National Elections. People were fed-up of “corrupt Congress” and were ‘forced’ to vote for “goonda-led BJP” because they didn’t had any other alternatives to save the Country from corruption. People thought BJP will emerge as an alternative against the corrupt giant of the Country and give them the possible solutions for the development of the Nation. But the BJP, after coming to the power, failed miserably to stand by to their commitments and promises they had given to the citizens who had hope in their party and the leadership of Narendra Modi.

In the year 2014, the Delhi people were confused by the aggressive marketing done by the BJP and the ‘fake’ Gujarat model shown. Yet Mr. Arvind Kejriwal struggled to become Chief Minister of Delhi with the help of Congress. Fortunately or unfortunately he had to resign from the post for his honesty and commitment for work. He was in power for 49 days and worked truly for the development of the society from grass root level.

The 49 days of Arvind Kegriwal (‘AK-49’ as coined by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi) proved to be heavier as compared to 257 days (26 May 2014 - 6 Feb 2015) of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister (as I coin it as NM-257) and 2615 days (7 October 2001 – 22 May 2014) as Chief Minister of Gujarat together. The Modi wave is completely destroyed by the Kejriwal’s Tsunami. The people of Delhi had the comparison of 49 days of Arvind Kejriwal with that of 257 and 2615 days of Narendra Modi, and AK-49 proved to be heavier and stronger than NM-257 and NM-2615 put together. Narendra Modi failed to prove his leadership.

Even BJP didn’t had faith in Modi’s “Vibrant Gujarat model” and Kiran Bedi had to come in picture with her new “ideas” of 5S and 6Ps for the development of Delhi, which she couldn’t put down the throat of the people. As a management student, I had realized these tactics won’t help her in reaching the Chair when I saw the way she was expressing it to Rahul Kanwar in an interview on Headlines Today.

Narendra Modi had said “the temporary party [AAP], which is new and small, destroyed it [congress] for one year.” Now what happened in Delhi? It swept the entire BJP.The broom worked like JCB. Once BJP didn’t care for AAP and this time they fought to defeat them. The seats in the nano car are more than the seats BJP has won in this election. This is due to incapable leadership of Narendra Modi and worth-less ideas of Kiran Bedi. Wearing hi-fi suits does not qualify anyone to become a good leader. The history testifies that the people who brought revolution believed in “simple living, high thinking”.

The massive win of Arvind Kejriwal has shown the faith people of Delhi on him. “The AAP chief and the would be Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has won by 32,000 votes from New Delhi Assembly seat. More than 50 AAP candidates have by more than 20,000 margin. Among them 15 candidates have won by more than 40,000 margin creating a record of sorts. Roughly one out of every four AAP candidate has won by more than 40,000 lead or margin. This kind of victory margin clearly shows that the AAP victory is very huge by all yardsticks.” – IBN Live reported.

The overwhelming response from the public is also backed by huge expectations for the development and safety of the Capital city. People have hope in him and have given him a second chance to serve them and become the real hero. Now the ball is in his court, let us see how he performs in this coming five years.


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About the Author:
Iftikhar Islam - Passionate Writers
Iftikhar Islam is the Administrator-Founder of Passionate Writers and GPRF (a non-profit org. in Belgaum), incredible author best known for collaborating management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round Islamic development as required in the 21st century. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from prestigious IIPM School of Business & Economy; and an ardent of Islam, Comparative Religions, Media and Law. | Know More |

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