How to make your degree effective?

Education, information, knowledge is a part and parcel of our life. Today, students are focusing on lucrative careers. Some, through hard work of studies, some, through intersession, and some through other ways. But how can you get a good job?  If you rely only on your degree, then there are many who have the same degree like you! Why are you the right candidate for a particular job? You need to convince your interviewer.

If you study in a good college and think you have reserved a job, then immediately change your thinking, because, you alone don’t study in that prestigious college. Your own friends will be your competitors. They have gained knowledge in the same institute, under the same faculty, using the same library. What makes you a ‘purple cow’? What makes you a different personality? You should be an odd one out; you should have something which is unique in you!

I believe everyone is intelligent. They have the same brain, equal amount of time in a day and the same sunlight. Only the difference is of some material possession. And these recourses will only help you till certain extent. If you take the examples of various people like: A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, and others… they have overcome the poverty and made their degrees valuable.

 I am sharing a few tips with you on how to make your degree effective.

Apart of your academic studies, you should study some courses related to your subject which would add another feather to your personality. There are few courses which you can opt for in changing your career.

Civil services (Administrative): You can prepare for the exams like IAS, IPS, etc. in which you get variety of information from different fields. Even if you do not pass in the examination, you will be having the knowledge of different fields and you can live as a respected citizen in the society. This knowledge also helps you fetching job

Management courses: There are various management courses which are designed by professionals especially for the youths. You can join the course according to your capabilities even while pursuing your academic studies. Management course changes your life and prepares you to survive in the corporate world.

Computer and IT courses: These courses will help you in getting knowledge in the field of computers. “World without computer is like fish out of water.” Learning various courses in the field of Computers will enhance your personality and will obviously add value to your degree.

Acquire knowledge as much as you can. You can have access to Books, Magazines and News Papers and gain additional knowledge regarding your field and also you must be aware of what is happening in this world. Knowledge is power. Reading biographies of different people will give you the techniques of handling problems in different situations. It motivates you to perform well in a targeted time. This will help you in transforming to a completely new personality which our nation and community will be proud of.

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