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Write Professionally: Techniques of writing - Passionate Writers

By: Iftikhar Islam
Writing an article is not a tough job if you have that passion. It is a way of expressing thoughts in a written form. Professional writing requires some techniques which make writing easier. Remember, writing is for the readers. It must be as simple as possible. It should be presented in the simplest form so that everyone can be benefitted from the article. Mark Twain rightly said, “If the writer doesn't sweat, the reader will”.

Following are few techniques of writing:

   1. Select the topic
   2. Research on the topic
   3. Let your thoughts flow
   4. Give a proper order
   5. Check the grammar, vocabulary and formation of sentences
   6. Check the references
   7. Proof reading
   8. Give an attractive title

Select the topic: The first thing is to select the topic of your article. There are various ways of selecting the topic. You can pick it from news paper, magazine, or news channels; the topic of your interest which is already in your mind; any incident that happened around you; any upcoming events, programs, etc.

Research on the topic: Knowledge is important, so gain knowledge about the topic. Give it a thorough on internet, magazines, and books; even you can discuss it with experts like your teachers, parents, friends etc. If you have done a good research your article will be unique. Try to get statistics from authentic sources and also get quotes of influential personality on the topic.

Let your thoughts flow: Write anything that comes in your mind. Whatever you remember of the topic write it down (If you are comfortable in typing then do so, else write it in a book). Don’t bother about the sequence. Once you stop, it is close to impossible to recall the thoughts that come in your mind.

Give a proper order: Arranging your sentences, paragraphs in a proper order is very much important. Your article should go in flow and it should have connectivity from one sentence to another and one paragraph to the next. The reader should be attracted to it and should be keen to read it completely.

Check the grammar: Now check the errors you have made grammatically, spelling mistakes, etc. Even check the vocabulary. You should not use the same sentences or words again and again. Use the synonyms by using dictionary (thesaurus). It will have a great impact on readers due to the correct choice of words. You should choose proper words to catch the attention of the reader. This step will groom your article and will make it beautiful.

Check the references: Authentic references are must when you are quoting something. If you have provided statistics, quotes, etc. then cross check the references you have given. Readers should have faith in your articles.

Proof reading: At the end, read your article from the reader’s perspective and critically analyze. Edit the errors you have found out. It is also preferable to give the article to your teacher, parents or friend for proof reading before publishing it.

Give an attractive title: An attractive title brings the reader to your blog and a good start will help him to go through your article. Depending upon the content you can create your own striking title or you can select the title before writing. Selecting a ‘topic’ and giving a ‘title’ are two different things. It is preferable to give titles after writing an article, so that you get eye-catching titles through your article.

These are the few techniques with which you can be a professional writer. If you are Passionate about writing, I would like to advise you to keep a small pocket size note book and a pen with you always. Note down the important points, ideas, thoughts etc. The moment any topic strikes your mind, don’t delay in noting down. It will help you while writing and it becomes easy to write.

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