Music and young generation – An Islamic perspective

By: Iftikhar Islam

Nowadays, we see almost all youngsters, including da’ees (obviously females included), are involved in listening music in one or the other way. Music has penetrated in our lives so drastically and we are now in dilemma to recognize whether it is really haram. We are not sure to consider a sin as a sin. The destruction of Muslims start when they no longer consider sins to be sins (and ask what’s wrong in it).

Allah commands the Prophet (peace be upon him) to say “If you love Allah then follow me” and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “I have come to destroy music”. This statement is enough for a practicing Muslim, especially da’ees, to refrain from listening to music; in fact we should stay away from it. Allah says in the Quran “O you, who believed, enter into Islam wholeheartedly and do not follow the footsteps of Satan, for he is to you an open enemy” (Surah Baqarah (2): 201). These commandments are enough for us to stay away from music and utilize our time in research and development of our dawah work. 

But the youngsters who are away from the love of Allah, who don’t love Allah more than their desires, are constantly involved in listening to music. If we check the Personal Computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. we find vulgar music of latest films, those music and songs which we don’t dare to listen in front of ethical parents. We are not at all concerned about our Aakhirah and how we are destroying it.

Music destroys your spirituality. It makes your heart hard and your eyes stops shedding tears in fear of your Creator. You will lose the art of making dua and asking from Allah. You will lose connectivity with your Salah and the sweetness of Salaah no longer remains. Once you lose your connectivity with Allah, then obviously, without any doubt, you are in connection with Shaytaan, who is an open enemy to you.

The Quran says, " Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves" (13:11). We make hue and cry when our prayers are not accepted, Muslims are not recognized equally, tortured, humiliated and what not; and we spend our precious time in worthless music.

The effect of music is so deeply penetrated into the hearts of youngsters that they listen to music frequently, at home, college, office; they put headphone while driving and so involved in it that they don’t even realize that a vehicle from behind blowing horn, police whistling for him/her to stop. Even in journey they don’t even respect their friend who is sitting next to them but they are busy listening to music. When they walk on road they put headphone and listen to music. This kind of penetration of music into the hearts of youngsters makes them irresponsible and hard-hearted – which helps in going away from Allah.

I have seen people riding bikes with their headphone on with music, with their friends sitting on pillion seat. They don’t even care about their friend sitting behind them asking them something or wants to talk to them. They don’t even realize the importance of friendship and the valuable time spent with friends. This makes them feel that the person is not respecting them and eventually leads to separation or increase of misconceptions.

There were two teen aged girls walking so closely with each other. My friend showed me but I didn’t realized what he was trying to show. Later I saw both the girls were listening to music with the same headphone, they were so involved in listening to music that they didn’t realize who were passing next to them and from where they are going. This is how music has penetrated in their hearts. There are lots of accidents happening due to getting too much involved in listening to music.

The trend is so much pierced in the society that even the laborers who work for daily wages puts on the music and do their work. They claim that they cannot concentrate on their work without music. Every one, almost all, have music in their mobile phones and starts listening frequently.

Even the parents listen to music in such a way that their young children, in fact babies, are prone to listen music. If baby cries the mother puts on the music and then slowly listening to music the child sleeps. This is very dangerous to the child’s spirituality. The parents are the main reason why the child has not grown well in spirituality. We are least bothered when it comes to the spiritual aspect of children.

If a child is made addicted to listen to the Quran he can become Haafiz in very short span. His memory can be increased and the child can become a visionary which can benefit in spreading the message of Allah to the entire humanity.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says “every leader will be asked about his subordinates.” So beware of spreading music in your children’s heart.

The child sits in front of television soon after coming school, college, tuitions, etc. He sits couple of hours daily which makes him addicted to the television. This makes your child go away from Allah and he loses the connection with Salah. Then there will be no difference between your child and the child of a disbeliever.

We are on the same mission which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was on, and he said “I have come to destroy music”. When will you, at least, apply it in your life?

Remember, this life is the test for the hereafter.

The Author is a Motivational Speaker and Writer who inspires the youth to be a role model for generations. Follow his quotes @IftyQuotes 


  1. what do u think about nursery rhymes and songs meant for yound kids

  2. Sister Sobia, We can you rhymes but it should not include music. Only Daff is allowed. Melodious voice can be used to teach them.

    Imam Shawkani said:
    “I have never listened to music in my life. I believe that musical instruments are prohibited, but I am writing this book and showing all the different viewpoints with their arguments so people can understand that there is difference of opinion on this issue and so that we can tolerate each others' opinions and not accuse our Muslim brother of kufr and deviation.”
    (Ibṭālu Da'wa'l-ijmā' 'Ala Taḥrīm Muṭluq'l-Samā')

    Allah knows best


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