Sex Education for Children and the Ethical Society: Do they coexist?

By: Iftikhar Islam

There are many who are in favor of including sex education in the syllabus of young boys and girls. This education harms the society more than its benefit. It instigates the students to put the gained knowledge into practice. It also urges the students to gain further knowledge in the subject which ultimately reach the porn sites. Whatever you see and hear it has an effect on your behavior. If you give moral values to your child, he/she will become a good human being and will be an asset of the society.  If you give unethical teaching, it is obvious, he/she will not benefit the society, rather they harm.

There is a certain age of learning. God Almighty develops the mind of human beings accordingly. If we try to interfere in that development, we end up with wrong consequences.

Sex Education for Children - Passionate Writers
The increase rate of fornication and adultery is due to sex education delivered by our “beloved” bollywood industry. It is the main source of learning for today’s youths.  Sex education plays very important role in increasing the crimes related to sex. It is the nature of human being of implementing the knowledge which urges them. Sexual power is very high in youths and it urges them towards fornication, adultery and rape. Sex is very much essential part of living being’s life.

If a boy or a girl does not have the education of sex. They will not fall into the trap of committing adultery and fornication. The rate of rapes and sexual harassment decreases. It leads to a peaceful society.

Islam is very particular about chastity. It is a major and heinous crime to indulge in sexual activity outside marriage. This is the basic foundation of ethical society. The Glorious Quran says: “Nor come near adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils)” [Surah Isra (17):32]

If we see the statistics, there are many cases of rapes where teens are involved. Even young boys and girls of age 12-15 maintain girlfriends and boyfriends. Even they have illegal sex in the premises of school itself.  Girls of class nine and ten (14-16 age) get pregnant. The dress code of school girls allow the boyfriend or other classmate or school mate to have sex – rather rape easily and even they are not caught. This is because of sex education which the teens are acquiring through bollywood and porn industries. If the teens can do all these things by getting the knowledge by illegal means, then including sex education in the syllabus makes them more brave and courageous.

There should be a proper time to learn each and everything. Sex education should be taught to youths who crossed the age of puberty and should get married soon. Many of the “wise thinkers” may feel sex education is the solution but in fact early marriage is the solution the problems which are occurring today.

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