Increasing rape cases: the obvious reasons

Rape – an heinous crime – which is increasing day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second. Thinkers are thinking to reduce the crime; Philosophers making another philosophy out of it yet the rate of the crime is increasing by increasing rate.

For any crime to get reduced or stop we ought to go to the root cause. Know the reasons why it is happening. Be honest in accepting the reasons and endeavor to solve the problem logically.

When you bring your emotions, feelings, sentiments and passions in between the solutions, you will never stop the crimes that are prevailing. You fail to realize that the crime gains momentum due to your behavior towards the particular problem.

Let us analyze the reasons logically and try to solve this problem and defend the honor of women – the jewels of the society.

Atmosphere: The prevalent environment where men and women are close together. They are so close that they even know the personal secrets. This closeness opens the pathways of lewdness. The relationship of boy-friend and girl-friend is very much encouraged by our atmosphere (friend circle, parents, cousins, etc). By nature, man is more sexual than woman and gets attracted towards them. This causes the crime to happen. So we should always prevent ourselves from the things which harm us.

Alcohol: Alcohol is the mother of all evils. It plays a vital role in the increase of this heinous crime (apart from other crimes). In most of the cases of rape either the victim or the culprit or both of them are in the drunken state.

Education: The education system is so worse that even if a woman wants to be modest it makes her immodest. There are no segregation between men and women. The education institutions do not have specific timings of their classes. In the name of lab, surgery, practicals etc. students are called in the colleges at any time. Due to this parents cannot have a check on their children and it becomes easy for them to involve in such activities which leads to the happening of this crime.

Behavior: The behavior of men and women towards this crime is so lenient that it does not astonish them when this heinous crime is committed and why should it surprise us? It is widespread in our society and we are used to it.

Late Marriages: We have the concept of enjoying life. Due to this glamorization, we fail to realize the important concept of marriage. Due to late marriages men and women cannot control their desires and fall into the satanic trap and commit this monstrous crime.

Pornography: This industry has destroyed the young and productive people of the society. It is available freely that even an innocent person searching on Google for his/her college project can come across the websites of pornography. This industry has beautifully planned and trapped the youngsters. The only solution is to block these websites from the country.

Bollywood: This industry is a semi-porn industry. The scenes shown in the movies are enough to make a mind corrupt. The lifestyle shown in the movies and the relationship between man and woman which is portrayed in the films, are the major reasons for the increase of this crime.

Dress-up: Dress-up matters a lot. Women dressing seminude and posing in public, tight and revealing clothes attracts men towards them. By nature men are more sexual than women, men gets attracted more towards women than vice versa. Even revealing clothes of man can also lead to this crime. This is a two-way traffic.

Punishment: Punishment for the rape cases are much lower than the harm caused. In Indian court, the person freely walks in the society for months and years together, because of the tortoise-paced judicial system where we get hearings after hearings. And in case of western countries, the accused will get lenient punishment and in turn he again rapes. On the contrary, when women accuse falsely to trap their boy-friend or friends and in retaliation these people become criminals.

Dates / Relationship: We often hear the term date-rape. Dating is unethical and it is the door and way for such crimes. People go for dates and when they get raped they make hue and cry for this. We should know what is good and what is bad.

Norms: People usually have forgotten the ethics. They don’t even judge what is right and what is wrong. Children staying out late nights in clubs and parties and parents do not have any problem with this. It is obvious and high chances of women getting raped in this situation. The norms have totally changed in this era, and bad are no longer considered bad.

We should think upon it and ponder upon the situations. Don’t let your emotions come in between, think logically and accept what is right, go to the root cause of the problem, then you will get the solution immediately. When the harmful rays of the sun hits you, you immediately get protection by wearing sun-glasses, hand gloves, and also tie naqab around your face. You don’t say: We have every right to roam here and there and Sun’s rays should not hit us. I have pointed out the reasons for the rape cases and I believe you are logical enough to get the solutions for it.


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