When you don’t value the time of your subordinates, you can’t become a good Leader

By: Iftikhar Islam 

When you dont value the time of your subordinates, you cant become a good leader

Time is very essential element in our life. If you are a Leader your time is very much valuable. One of the characteristics of a good leader is that he has much value of time. Leader always carries others time along with him, he should be very careful in utilizing it. He should be always calculative when performing duties.

When a leader comes on time to the meetings, etc., he not only save his precious time but also of his subordinates. But on the contrary, when you make your subordinates or your clients wait for a long time, you may be utilizing your time effectively, however, you have lost their precious time waiting for you. When you don’t value the time of your subordinates, you can’t become a good leader.

If you have to attend the meeting with your ten subordinates, and if you are late by five minutes. May be you have utilized that five minutes of yours, but you have wasted the five precious minutes of ten people. In reality you have wasted 50 minutes of others to utilize the five minutes of yours.

I have seen many people on high post missing leadership qualities. They make their subordinates and clients wait, even if they are not busy, thinking it may have an impact on the client. But they fail to realize the positive aspect of respecting their client. It sends negative impast about your personality as well as of your business (or company). You should always try to minimize the wait of the persons who are waiting for you. Always get the information from the receptionist (or others), why a person wants to meet you. If you realize the meeting is important with him/her then close the works you are doing – keep it on hold – and meet the person immediately. Don’t allow him/her to wait. If you feel your work is important than the meeting, clearly convey them about your 'busy-ness' and the time you get free. 

Leadership always demands discipline. Your discipline shows how good a leader you are. Time management is also a part of discipline and it should be taken care well.

Egoistic behavior has never been a part of a good leader. Ego eats all your good impression you have before your subordinates and clients. You should always be truthful in your speech, obedient in your words, trustworthy in your actions, clean at your heart; well-mannered over all. A good Leader always remembers that people are watching him, he is judged by what he is. If you always come late to the office, why will your subordinate bother to be on time? If you don’t complete your task on time, it is obvious your subordinates be lazy. If you are not soft-spoken, then there will be no coordination with your subordinates. When your subordinates quit jobs regularly, then it is not their fault, there is something wrong in your Leadership attire.

Again I say… “When you don’t value the time of your subordinates or clients, you can’t become a good Leader.”

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