The vicious circle of Education – Parents, Teachers, and Students

By: Iftikhar Islam

Parents, teachers and students are the main framework of education. They are interdependent on each other and have some rights and duties towards each other. In this era of modernization, we come towards the vicious circle of Education. I had learnt in Economics “Vicious circle of Poverty” in my college days (When I was in Gogte College of Commerce, Belgaum), the outcome of that circle which I learnt is “We are poor because we are poor”! All the issues of poverty are related to one another. Same is the case with education - Parents, Teachers, and Students are inter-connected. When students do not excel in examinations, parents say teachers do not teach well; when it comes to teacher, she says students do not concentrate and study, they say parents are not responsible… so on and so forth go the allegations. The blame game continues to go on..

I remember my teacher’s saying when I was in standard ninth in Al Ameen English medium High School, that, the relation between these three characters in Education is very important and they should be very cooperative to each other. This prompted me to pen down and strengthen the bond of Teachers, Parents and Students. If any of the bonds loses its charm then the looser will always be a student (in particular) and a nation (as a whole) (because tomorrow’s Nation is built by todays’ students.)

We should always know our duties and responsibilities. If Teachers and parents do not fulfill their duties in initial days, then hoping a student to be responsible in future is mere foolishness. Planning for the child’s future should be done much before. The best gift a father can give to his child is a “responsible mother” – his first teacher! The best institute is known for its faculties. And the best faculty in the world is a mother. 

If parents train their child with good morals and behavior since their childhood, he will imbibe all the good qualities within him and when he is admitted in school it is the duty of teachers to give him a good atmosphere. When the atmosphere changes; he slowly adapts to the new atmosphere and soon learns newer things which prevails around him. Even if the parents give him good morals, it will be useless when his teacher misbehaves with him. He gets accustomed to the misbehavior and strictness of the teacher and in turn does not listen to his parents too.

The relation between teachers, parents and students get closer only if the institution has well trained teachers. I believe there should be well trained and well qualified teachers who teach lower classes like Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG, First standard, etc. as we all know the twisted questions of young developing minds. The funny questions should be handled in a funny way. The illogical question should put back to the student in the most logical way. And this requires well trained teachers who have patience, dedication and passion.

It is the nature of children to make fun, have that exclusive naughty attitude, create noisy environment and enjoy. And it should be in the nature of a teacher to handle these situations with care, love and affection.

When the two of the main characters perform their duties in the initial stages then the third main character will automatically perform his duties in future.

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