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Education is one of the most important parts of our life. Every parent wishes to admit their child in a better school of their city. The choice of the school is very much important for the child to flourish. But one should decide which school is better. According to me, we should see the faculty members of the school not just the name and infrastructure. Infrastructure and other things also matter but they are secondary. The main element which a student develops is because of a good faculty. Teachers play a very important role in the development of a student. It is the teachers who shape the future of the students and make him/her either ethical or immoral.

Nowadays school has become a burden for children which make them unhealthy. The weight children carry to the school is far more than they can actually bear. The attitude of teachers whom they face is ridiculous and back home they have to complete the home work which is given more than their ability.

After all, it is the young children who suffer. They neither get good health nor any moral education. Then what is the use of admitting the child in a “good” school? Why to pay heavy fees when the child is not getting enough health and not sufficient ethical education? Where are we lacking? What is the reason and how we can combat it?

Children are asked to bring all the books to school and there are only eight periods in which maximum eight subjects can be taught but still they are asked to bring the books which are not even required. The education system is responsible for the huge luggage children carry. And they don’t get enough knowledge for the luggage they carry. We should understand and let the child be comfortable in the school.

Children invest maximum of their productive time in the school and they should get the required profit out of it. The child will be tired enough, the huge portion and poor quality of faculty adds another burden on the child of going for tuitions. By the time he completes all the home work the time gets over and he has to sleep to be fresh for the next day.

This hectic schedule makes the child unhealthy, lazy and prejudice. The child also suffers with psychological problems. Due to prolonged hours of study, he experiences poor eyesight at a tender age.

To combat all these problems, the education system should be changed to provide the needed relaxation to children. There should be strict rules laid down for the institutions when it comes to faculties and their training. The institution should provide a special training and the government should arrange seminars time to time for teachers. It should be made compulsory to attend for all the teachers. The working hours of the classes in the schools should be reduced and there should be separate timings where parents and teachers interact with each other peacefully.

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