When Education becomes Business

By: Iftikhar Islam

People are marching towards education. Education has become a basic necessity of life. Every parent is expecting their child to pass out from a good College and have good education, have degrees added to his feather. But in this journey of education, what happens when the same education becomes business. Can these educational institutions produce good citizens? Can we have a better society to live in?

We have plenty of educational institutions in India which produces Doctors, Managers, Engineers, Business men, and what not. But when institutions becomes a company where profit matters the most,the same professionals in the form of Doctor, Engineers, Managers, business men will soon take the form of criminals; stealing kidneys, using low level of material, and spreading corruption across. In the professional attire they commit heinous crimes. They create a mentality of “what is wrong in it?” They master the art of presenting evil in the most beautiful way. Knowledge disappears. Merely degrees do not have value; person should also cultivate ethics in him. These ethics must be taught in educational institutions.

Due to their Business nature, we find a huge hike in fees of respective courses. In the name of Donation,sharp and intelligent students do not get opportunity to study in good colleges. Apart from tuition fees, institution also collects fees in the form of other requirements and fines. In the circle of fines, students do not study and only rely of fines to continue studies. After all money is what people are running towards!

There are various students passed out from good colleges but lack placements, they lack in discussion skills, they even hesitate to speak. What kind of education these institutions are providing? Students are passing by corrupting their mind, involving in unnecessary activities, and further more gets every kind of bad habits starting from supari to sex, abortion and murder!

These institutes boast in the name of faculties… And when we actually see the same institute lacks very much in faculties. In advertisement and promotional events, institutions boast and says we have this professor for Economics, that professor for Mechanics, this teacher for Biology and so on and so forth. And when we actually see the situation, the professor which the institution boast of teaches only to one section and the other sections are taught by other professors who does not even have enough degrees and knowledge to handle students. When I was in my degree course my institution had a very good Economic professor but he did not take a single class for our section for the entire three years. The other professor who taught us Accountancy was a professional, but other sections lacked his teachings. But the institutions take the same fees from all the students and give unequal teachings.

Same is the case of each and every institution, right from bottom to the top. When it comes to school, teachers are not even fit to enter the class room. But they are teaching in the schools. They lack the very common behavior of kindness and don’t even realize the same attitude is filled in children.

When my niece plays the role of a teacher, she immediately picks up a stick and act as if she is beating the students. This is what the image of teacher is in front of students. If you beat the students regularly you are not fit to be a teacher. And that teacher should be thrown out of the school immediately, as she is destroying the future of the whole Nation. Teaching is very Noble Profession, even better than Doctor who cures the society.

When it comes to colleges, Institution is not even bothered whether students attend the classes or not. It is the institution who should lay down the rules and regulations that students should fear bunking of classes. Teens are very much in need of proper guidance. They are the ones who have enthusiasm towards doing something towards the country. And it is the teacher who shapes them and the institution which should have a proper atmosphere.

When Institutions would stop admitting students through donations, reservations or under the table job, the country flourishes in a more positive way. On the other hand, institutions should not only see the academic results but also other aspects which can help the students to achieve the right goal at the right time!

When teachers march towards money and fame, you don’t even have to wait for your destruction, it is already done!!!

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