We must learn to disagree: Fajr Adhan issue

Tuesday, 3 June 2014 | comments

Soon after the formation of new Government we are seeing the outbreak of new issues by right wing activists. The new issue has come up in the form of Fajr Adhan (Azan) which muslims give to call their fellow Muslims to perform prayer in Mosque. Since decades the Adhan is given in the loud speaker and no one had so much concern for it until the formation of new government. The slogan “Ache din aaeinge” “Better days will come” is proving it to be “true”.

When we see the era of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) we don’t find any loud speakers and microphones. The Adhan was given from the higher place so that people of that area listen and come to Mosque for prayer. In this era of technology Muslims are using loud speakers so that Adhan can be reached to other Muslims in the society. It is not only for the Muslims but also a call for the entire humanity towards success. 

Fajr Adhan issue - Passionate Writers

Real problem:

The Mu’adhin (one who delivers Adhan) should give the Adhan very beautifully and with proper pronunciation. But we find the people giving Adhan takes these rules for granted. Even if the person who can give best Adhan is not allowed to give Adhan in the presence of the appointed Mu’adhin. Many times it happens that the senior citizens don’t allow anyone to give Adhan but they themselves give it even in the presence of a Qari (one who recites Quran beautifully). This attitude of ours have destroyed the very purpose of Adhan which have sent wrong messages to non-Muslims. We should change our attitude and allow the best person to give Adhan and lead prayer even the Mu’adhin and Imam officially appointed is available. The Adhan should be beautiful and the Imam should have beautiful Qirat so that the listeners of Adhan and Qirat should love to listen more. Remember you give Da’wah even while giving Adhan, so give it beautifully.

Another problem is in brain-washing against a particular community. Few people, for their ulterior motive, constantly misinform people by quoting things out of context and create such a situation where even a secular person starts thinking against the particular community. People should be logical enough to clarify misconceptions from the right person. If you have heart problem you go cardiologist, not orthopedic. Similarly even while clarifying religious misconception you have to go the religious specialist, not politician.

Meaning of Adhan:

  • Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest God is the Greatest)
  • Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest God is the Greatest)
  • Ash’hadu an-llailaha illallah (I bear witness there is no god but Allah)
  • Ash’hadu an-llailaha illallah (I bear witness there is no god but Allah)
  • Ash’hadu anna-Muhammad ar Rasuloollah (I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of God)
  • Ash’hadu anna-Muhammad ar Rasuloollah (I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of God)
  • Hayya alassalaah (Come to Prayer)
  • Hayya alassalaah (Come to Prayer)
  • Hayya AlalFalah (Come to Success)
  • Hayya AlalFalah (Come to Success)
  • Assalaatu Khairum min’an naum (Prayer is better than sleep)*
  • Assalaatu Khairum min’an naum (Prayer is better than sleep)*
  • Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest God is the Greatest)
  • La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah)

*These sentences are said in Fajr Adhan only.

If this Adhan is beautifully pronounced, then no person will ever have any problem with the Adhan. Muslims should take care of appointing Mu’adhin who can give beautiful Adhan and allow the person who gives beautiful Adhan to give it even in the presence of an official appointed Mu’adhin.


But the reaction we have seen has emerged recently when people (certain group) thought now it is safe to raise issues against minorities and subjugate them and rule them over by instigating fear in their hearts. India faces lots of communal violence yet it is known as tolerant towards other faiths. If we study the history of India before the advent of Britishers, we find people of all faiths used to live with unity and integrity by respecting each other’s religion. We also find the existence of temples, churches and mosques very close to each other.

When the Britishers divided on the grounds of religion, even after they left out the mentality has penetrated and stucked in the minds of Indians which led to the increase of communal violence. The reaction coming out suddenly raises many questions on the changing trend of “ache din aaeinge”.

Double Standards:

We see people objecting to Adhan which last maximum 3-4 minutes but don’t have any problem with the voice of Bhajans coming out of temples for hours together. Muslims pray five time a day and Adhan is given five times to call and alert Muslims about their prayer timing. This helps the Muslim men to go to Mosque for prayer and help the Muslim women to pray at home. Many Muslim women waits for Adhan for prayer. The moment Adhan is given they leave their house hold work and pray the Namaaz (Salah). People have also forgot deliberately about the various procession which disturbs the society.

Secular view:

If the general people are getting affected by the usage of loud speakers, then anything which is coming out from the loud speakers should be banned including Adhan, Bhajans, political campaigning, procession, other announcements, etc. This is how we can think of India.

But we live in the society of Indian Culture where people of all faiths live. We can sort out the disturbances caused with the leaders of particular community with wisdom and peace. Living together with understanding of different faiths is what a secular society needs.

We should leave the policy of Britishers and work on the development of our society and bring back the ethical Indian culture and respect the other faiths equally. You may not believe in the neighbor’s religion, but have tolerance towards their faith and live in unity so that no one can take undue advantage of your religions.

When we have lived together for centuries, then why can’t we live together now? 


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