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When you work for the Deen of Allah, He will surely give you respect in the society. In very young age I get respect from various high profile people in the society. It is only because of the deen of Allah. We work for the beneficial of the society and in return we get respect from them.

In GPRF we work towards unity and maintaining peace in the society. For the same purpose I got an opportunity to attend a Dawah meet in Mumbai to represent GPRF, where no less than 25 Dawah centers were represented apart from dawah consultants from across India. It was the first meeting to form All India Dawah Centers Association, Alhamdulillah. Senior da’ees who worked and trained under Zakir Naik attended and coordinated the event beautifully. The inputs from Br. Umar Shariff, Ashraf Muhammadi, Dr. Shuaib Sayed, Nisaar Nadiadwala, Daood Vaid, Raza Modak, Moin Don, Mohammed Sabir, Shagaf Fakih, and others added feather to Peace Beings’ cap. 'Peace Beings' is the name coined for “All India Dawah Centers’ Association”. 

Mumbai Tour Peace Beings - Passionate Writers - GPRF
After the formation of Karnataka Dawah Centers’ Association, the plan to take this initiative Nation wise has given birth to All India Dawah Centers’ Association popularly known as “Peace Beings”. It has inculcated enthusiasm in daees from across the nation which led the formation of State level Dawah Centers Association apart from Karnataka. Maharashtra, Telangana and Gujarat have started work quickly and initiated the steps in formation of State Level Association which in turn strengthens the Peace Beings. Seema-Andhra and others are in line to join All India Dawah Centers’ Association.

This Association work on beautiful concepts which lead to the personal growth of each Dawah Center at individual level and use their unique characteristics and talent which helps in dawah Nationwide in particular and Global in general.

There are many faces who are working day in and day out for the success of peace beings. Few of them we know very well while the others are not so famous. But the work they are putting in to make this association in terms of talent as well as physical is tremendous. We thank Allah that he has blessed us with the people who are working hard in the development of this group.

Passionate Writers Zakir Naik Iftikhar Islam

The surprise in this event was the auspicious visit of a great Da’ee and legend Dr. Zakir Naik followed by his special motivational talk. He is the man behind the shaping of majority’s life present there (including me). Many were his past students and his colleagues.

I was influenced by him a decade ago and was eagerly waiting to meet him since then. I am just one person in millions who got influenced by him and didn’t even think I can meet him in this manner. He is so simple and jolly. His behavior was so casual that I didn’t felt that I am meeting an international orator and a personality like Dr. Zakir Naik. We had a talk as if we knew each other.

The moment I told him that I am from Belgaum, it was astonishing to hear from him that even he stayed in Belgaum for two years for his studies. I was overwhelmed to meet him.

In’sha’Allah “Peace Beings” will be a great source of help for those aspiring daess who are striving to work for Allah’s cause and start a dawah center in their city. It is not only limited to starting dawah centers but to work for the betterment of the society and establish peace by the divine guidance. It also helps to solve our local problems from the intellectual minds across the Nation. It also gives replies in an appropriate manner to the right wings and extremists who lay allegations and false charges on Islam and Muslims. It also stands up for the organizations that are in threat and helps them to fight legal battle.

This helps us to form a strong networking and make aware all those who are working in a specific fields and avoid doing same projects by different groups which saves time and energy that can be utilized in some other project. In’sha’Allah.

May Allah accept our works and give us strength to overcome hurdles and tests. Aameen 


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