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Hats off to the Sikh Community - Sikh in America

Monday, September 10, 2012 | comments

By: Iftikhar Islam

Believers are like one body, if one gets hurt everybody feels pain… This statement you will find in Islamic literature but widely practiced by Sikhs – Hats off to the Sikh community.

Times of India reported on Saturday 25th August, 2012 “An elderly Sikh man, in his early 70s, was allegedly beaten up by his neighbor in New Jersey following an altercation and was later arrested by for keeping ‘kirpan’, a Sikh article of Faith…” United Sikhs, a Sikh advocacy group said.

“United Sikhs said it contacted the civil rights division and the community relations service division in the US department of Justice, the FBI, as well as the state of New Jersey attorney general’s office for investigation and is following up on Avtar Singh’s case to be heard next Thursday.” TOI further conveyed.

When a single Sikh was assaulted the group felt pain and got active. When it is the matter of Faith they even knocked the door of higher authorities, caught hold the attention of Media. Political boundaries also didn’t come in between, whether it is Canada or America or France, they see to it that the justice is done to the whole community.

They even up rooted the ban of Turban in France and sent the message to the entire Mankind. They consist of negligible population in the World but have the power to convince and change the law. On the contrary we Muslims consist of the World’s second largest and fastest growing community is still struggling to remove the label of “Terrorists” from our forehead, least bothered to unban Burqa from certain parts of the World, struggling to make our voice heard.

Where are we standing? Why don’t we talk to the authorities; participate in debates, panel discussions; capture the Media and pressurize the Government to give us justice.

On the other hand, do all these things work? No... Really Not, until we are united on the issues!!! The Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to follow only because it Sunnah and we neglect saying it is merely a Sunnah. When we follow the footsteps of the Companions then very soon we will create the history again. No one can dare to even think to ban the Hijaab, wait in queue for unnecessary security check-up or have a suspicious eye.

Let’s get united and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for no Sunnah of the Prophet can be neglected. From using miswaq to keeping beard; wearing trousers above the ankle to observing Hijaab; praying Salah on time whether you are in School, Park, Office or Ground to conveying the Message - which are compulsory in Islam.

How can you support Hijaab when you yourself don’t wear it? How can you respect beard when you yourself cut it? Where is our Imaan? When will the time come again that of Sahaaba? Or we need some strict ruler who imposes everything on us and then we follow under compulsion? When will we Love our Creator? Or we are waiting for death to arrive..!! Oh.. then it will be too late.

Let’s strive and Follow each and every Sunnah without using our analogy and make the world realize our presence, then we can do wonders and wonders in every field.

Author: Iftikhar Islam is a student of Islam and Comparative Religions, and Business Management. He has studied his Post Graduation in Business Management from IIPM-Hyderabad. Currently a Founder-Administrator of Passionate Writers and GPRF.
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