Helpless father, Vulnerable daughter

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A 30 year old daughter of a retired scientist was molested, stripped, beaten up, and assaulted in front of her father by their landlord and members of a local club.

Increasing crimes is what we are witnessing these days. Criminals have come up with various strategies of committing crimes to which unfortunately our judicial system is continuously failing.

When a crime is done to a person and when the victim goes to register a complaint, the first thing our police personnel do is to deny taking the complaint. Even if they take the complaint, they file it in such an easy manner that the criminal can easily escape even if he has done a grave mistake like rape. When a victim is raped the police files the complaint of “sexual assault” or “attempt to rape” and when the victim is assaulted sexually or attempted to rape, these “kind” men advises not to file the case and get compromised as the career of the criminal will get destroyed. These people have soft hearts towards criminals and stone-hearts towards innocents.

When the victims force to file a strong case against the criminals these people have a very good strategy to harass them by taking counter case from the criminals and lay false charges against the victims. In this way the victim is harassed double. In some situations, the victims are unable to tolerate injustice and even go to the extent of committing suicides!

This is India. Yes! Unfortunately, this is my beloved India

It hurts seeing the progress of the Nation in criminal records and it hurts even more when criminals rove freely while the innocents are harassed.

Yesterday, on 18th April, Times of India reported a case where the daughter of a retired scientist was molested and beaten up by rowdies in bright day light on Sunday in Baruipur, West Bengal. The rowdies were with the weapons like hammer, iron sticks as well as sharp weapons. “She was stripped and assaulted in front of her father, a retired scientist, by their landlord and members of a local club,” the victim said.

The Times of India informed, “According to the Bhattacharyas, a gang of around 20 men barged into the house around 1.30pm on Sunday and attacked them. The goons stripped the woman, molested her and dragged the father-daughter out on to the street where the assault continued. Someone informed Baruipur police station but the goons had left well before the cops arrived.”

The astonishment was the police didn’t even bother to help the wounded daughter and father to the hospital. They left the two bleeding on the road carelessly.

When the scientist wanted to file a complaint on Tuesday, the accused’s wife filed a counter complaint the same day against the elderly scientist of molesting her.

The police knew the case and witnessed the situation, yet took the counter complaint against the elderly scientist of molestation. On the contrary they knew that the daughter of the scientist was really molested in the day light.

"I get a chill down my spine whenever I think about the incident. They tore my clothes, molested me and assaulted me and my father. There were so many of them. We were just two. I want the guilty to be punished," she told the Times of India on Tuesday.

The elderly scientist even wants to knock the door of the Chief Minister, Mamata Banergee and wants her to intervene into the matter and grant justice. But Alas!!! Mamata is too busy to interfere into the matter.

"I saw a group of men entering the house and heard the father-daughter pleading. But since Pal is very influential and the club members are affiliated to both Trinamool and CPM, none of us dared to protest. Whatever happened was very unfortunate but we could not help the Bhattacharyas," a neighbour said.

These kinds of issues are happening regularly in almost all the police stations across the nation where the police do not take the case. And even if they take the case, the counter case is also levied against the victims to harass them. Where is the justice? Where should the citizens go? Is there any other solution for such unpleasant incidents?

When our so called Police is negligent and is supporting the criminals then who will bring to a standstill, the crimes that are happening in the Nation? There are various criminals who are pampered by the Police and they are freely roaming, assaulting and sexually abusing the respected citizens of the society. They only represent themselves before the court on dates of their hearing and receive another date from the judge. I feel this is what the only punishment our judicial system has. And even innocents have to bear this torment. The hooligans don’t have the value of time and they can attend and wait for court hearings, but what about the respected citizens of the Nation? How can they stand in the midst of criminals until their name is pronounced.. What will they get in return…. Another date???

If the Police get tough against the criminals then soon we will see a decline in the crime rates across the country.

I know it is very difficult to change the nation like India where corruption has imbibed in the nerves, where ever we go we find corruption. When we go to our leaders we find them corrupted. When we go to Police they become Villains. When we ask help from advocates we find them treacherous. Even the judges are unable to solve the problems. Where should the citizens go?

The criminals already know the deficiency of the judicial system where if the case gets registered, it will be pending under some dirty shacks and would take years to fight. The criminals roam freely after committing crimes as they know the cases will harass even the victims and what happens at the end??… A ten letter word… COMPROMISE (on the part of the victims of course)!

The judicial system should increase the number of judges per case and let the criminals get punishments – be it Police Officials, Students, Women or any other – by treating them as criminals.

I wonder… Will India ever be a crime free country?? NO... Never... Unless they implement the law of God instead of man!!!

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