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The power of Leaders: Bhagwad Geeta ban in Russia issue

Saturday, January 14, 2012 | comments

By: Iftikhar Islam

It doesn’t matter who you are and what is your strength when it comes to commitment.

Recently when Bhagwad Geeta got banned in Russia, the followers erupted and combated the decision in spite of living in another country. The Russian translation of ‘Bhagwad Geeta – As It Is’ was banned on the grounds being “an extremist” literature.

“It also wants the Hindu religious texts banned in Russia and declared it as a literature spreading “social discord” and its distribution on Russian soil rendered illegal.” Informed Sunday Times, 18 December, 2011.

The followers of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) appealed the Prime Minister to intervene about the issue, resolve and lift the ban from the scripture. “Speaking in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, S.M. Krishna, external affairs minister, said the Indian government is “closely monitoring the case” and that the ban is likely being sought by “ignorant, misled and motivated individuals.”” India Real Time reported.

When a religious book was banned, it shook the government which is secular, a Nation which consists of Multi-Faith inhabitants. The ruling has “eased tension between the two countries,” said the India’s Congress Spokesman, Rashid Alvi.

When turban got banned in France, the Sikh community also appealed to the Prime Minister to converse over the matter when the French Prime Minister Nikolas Sarkozy visited India last year.

The Sikh community consists of only two percent of Indian population; imagine how many Sikhs are there as compared to the population of the world. Hindus comprise of only 885 million in the world of 6.677 billion, yet they convinced the Russian government and lifted the ban from the book.

We, Muslims constitute the world’s second largest population and own the crown of the world’s fastest growing religion (Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion), yet we are doing nothing. More than 50 countries have Muslim leaders, but not even a single Muslim country took a bold step to turn down the decision of Burqa ban.

Many countries banned burqa which includes France, Canada and New Zealand. Soon this trend will be followed by other countries and Muslims will remain scratching each other’s back. We need to wake up and fight for our rights and live with dignity and honor.

We know how to come on the street when one of the Muslim comments something by mistake. We pass slogans and do ‘takfeer’ even if a person talks with genuine proofs. But we, the same people, sit idle when others make cartoons of the prophets, when burqa gets banned, and when our Muslims society gets outrageous labels of being terrorists!

Why don’t we come on the political grounds and boycott those countries which are against the doctrines of Islam? Why don’t we pressurize our leaders to talk on the matters and give us possible solutions? Man Mohan Singh is not only the Prime Minister of Sikhs or Hindus; he is the Prime Minister of the whole of India. Why don’t Muslims go and talk to him and pressurize him? We are more than 20% of the population of India; we can organize rallies when these people (who have taken stance against Islam) visit India and pressurize our leaders to talk on the issues and resolve.

Why only India?? I request the people of all the Nations to stand together and pressurize their leader to overcome the decisions which are based on hatred and falsehood. The freedom and dignity of the people should be preserved.

The youths of Japan once did not allow the then American President to step on the soil of Japan. He had to return back without landing, it was all because of the two bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today Islam is bombarded from all sides and we are sitting idle doing nothing.

Remember, Allah will ask about the favors he has bestowed upon us. He has blessed us with wealth, land, power and most importantly The Guidance. Utilize it in the way of Allah and present it to the world that Islam is the only solution to the humanity.

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