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Playing with emotions - Until when will it last

Sunday, January 29, 2012 | comments

By: Iftikhar Islam

Since the Jaipur Literature Festival and the hue-and-cry of Salman Rushdie we come across every section playing with the sentiments of whole community. On one hand the lethargic political leaders’ silence and on the other the cunning media, each playing their wily part in hurting the feelings of Muslims.

There were debates held on the issue. Full shows were dedicated on this matter. And most astonishingly there were no good speaker from Muslim world invited. The media is continuously playing with the sentiments of the whole community who is united on the issue of Salman Rushdie, is being labeled as “Fundamentalist”, “Fanatic” and what not!

The discussion on so called “Freedom of expression” lacks the speakers who too have the right to express their views. Even if the speaker is invited to take part his view are cut-off, interrupted, manipulated, and the views against are promoted generously. It is not all the time we see freedom. Freedom is incomplete without emotions. Freedom is always backed by responsibilities.

When the sentiments of the community are played behind the screen of freedom of Speech and Expression, then don’t you think you are insulting the freedom? When Bhagwad geeta got banned the issue was discussed in the parliament. There were no debates in the media about the issue. All were united against the ban of the scripture in the foreign nation. Every Sikh was united against the ban on turban and urged the Prime Minister to talk on the issue. Everyone valued the sentiments of both the groups. When it comes to the sentiments of the Muslims, these so called wise minds comes up with the tag of freedom. It is an insult to freedom and insult to the nation when more than 20% of the citizens continuously getting hurt and the other citizens enjoying in the name of freedom. Disgusting!!

Salman Rushdie claims "The real enemies of Islam are the leaders, the Deobandis, the various extremist leaders and their followers, who behave like this, because what they do is to strengthen the extremely negative image of Islam as an intolerant, repressive, and violent culture, as an ideology masquerading as a gentle faith, whereas actually what happens every time it's crossed, or every time it dislikes something, is that it resorts to threats and violence. People like this, who behave like this, are the ones who feed that image and they are the ones responsible for the negative views of Islam in the world, and they should be called the enemies of the faith." (Source: The Times of India)

This man thinks that all the Muslims are fool and will come into his trap when he sympathizes on Islam. Now the enemy of Islam is teaching us how to follow Islam. For his kind information We Muslims follow the Law of God Almighty over the law of Man. He wants to abuse mothers, sisters, etc. and desires that the followers should not emotionally retaliate.

This man abuses mothers and sisters and want India should cooperate with him. He expressed his ideas in an interview with NDTV saying “I find an India in which religious extremists can prevent free expression of ideas…”

Islam is the most positive Religion on the face of the earth which teaches utmost tolerance and also gives the guidelines to respect people. But the same Islam also teaches how to maintain law and order on the earth to prevail the much needed peace not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

Internationally, on the issue Burqa Ban, there were debates and discussion, and continuously the sentiments of Muslims were hurt. National or International, the attitude is same. When will this attitude get change? Let’s understand the religion in the right perspective.

Are you ready to have a glance on the beautiful teachings of Islam or merely hate and hurt the sentiments of the followers in ignorance?

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