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Lesson we learn from the Life of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him.)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011 | comments

By: Moinuddin Pathan

Every year, Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-ul-Adha in the remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) and of course because it is the commandment of Allah SWT.

When we read the life history of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him), we can learn beautiful lessons out of it; and the lessons being:

1. Trust in Allah.
2. Always be good to parents.
3. Unique Dawah Style and Sabr.
4. Sacrifice the things that are most dear to us in the way of Allah(swt).

If you read the glorious Qur’an, Allah mentions only two prophets as ideal for the whole of humanity, though there are more than 25 messengers mentioned in the Qur’an but only two messengers are referred to as ideal for humanity. These two Prophets are:

1. Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (Surah Ahzaab 33:21)
2. Prophet Ibrahim Peace Be Upon Him (Surah Mumtahina 60:4)

1. Trust in Allah: - Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) was born in a family who were ignorant from the true teachings of Allah SWT. His father was engaged in the business of making idols and selling them. But Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) was aware of the true teachings of Almighty God and he knew whatever his father was doing was wrong and totally forbidden, and he wanted his father to accept the true teachings of Almighty God. Just imagine if we want to correct your elders, especially in those faults which he is practicing since his forefathers, many of us do not even dare to speak against un-Islamic practices at our home because of the fear of elders or society or family ties. This requires full trust in Allah SWT. Let’s check out our imaan, do we really trust Allah? If yes, then why are we numb against those un-Islamic practices which are considered hereditary in our homes?

2. Always be good to parents: - Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) was not among those people who sat idle before the falsehood. He talked to his father directly on the issue regarding his business and his religious practices, As Allah mentions in the Qur’an in Surah Mariyam Ch. 19 Ayat No. 41 to 47, you will find how humbly he conveyed the true message of Allah. But his father became rude and rejected to accept his advice and told him that he would stone him to death or else he should leave his father’s house. And finally when Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) saw that his father was not going to accept the true teachings of Allah, he left his home. Here we find that Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) himself did not leave his father’s home but his father told him to leave that is why he left. Many people, when they try to convince their family members on true teachings of Islam, they fail in doing so and in haste they decide to leave their home. Such people should take lessons from Prophet Ibrahim’s story. Prophet Ibrahim’s (peace be upon him) life was in danger and he had no other option except to leave his home but people of today fail to realize this fact!

3. Unique Dawah Style: - Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) happens to be a good debater Alhumdulillah! Once he had an argument with Namrood (A king). Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said, My Lord is the one who gives life to the dead people and death to the living. King did call his servant and told him to release one prisoner who was captivated in jail for a long time and his punishment was to live in jail for his lifetime. And one person who was innocent brought him and killed him. And told Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) that even he could kill the people and give life to the people. Here we find that Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) could have told him that his argument was not strong and baseless but in spite of this, he said My lord is the one who rises sun from the east. Can you do it from the west? After listening to this argument, the pharaoh became silent and Alhumdulillah Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) won the battle of words! From this incident we learn that we should put our first argument in such a way that our opposition can make a way out but our second argument should be moulded in such a manner that our opposition has no other option but to accept the truth!

4. Sacrifice the things that are most dear to us in the way of Allah (swt): - Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was blessed with a son, Prophet Ismail (peace be upon him) at a very old age after rigorous supplications. Allah commanded him to leave his son and his wife in Makkah. He did that. Then Allah commanded him to slaughter his son. Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) asked his son what his opinion was regarding the commandment of Allah (swt). Here we see a father taking the suggestion of his child... Subhan’Allah! Generally, what happens in our society is that elder people always consider themselves superior than their younger counterparts and that’s the reason why parents do not take advice from their children. But here we see Ibrahim alayhis-salaam is taking opinion of his son. You know if we want our children to be like Prophet Ismail (peace be upon him) we must build the character like Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). In short we must take advice from the youngers too. When Prophet Ismail heard the sentence about slaughtering, he immediately responded saying, father do whatever Allah has commanded you to! InshaAllah you will find me among those people who are patient. (You can read this story in Surah Saffat 37: 101-109) But Allah (swt) replaced Ismail alayhis-salaam with another animal and he was saved. Allah just wanted to test Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in all the aspects of life. And Allah himself witnessed that Ibrahim you made your dream true. (Al-Qur’an 37: 105)

Allah has created every human being for the test as it is mention in Qur’an (Surah Mulk 67:2). And this life is a test for the hereafter. Ibrahim alyhis-salaam’s test is a beautiful lesson for all of us especially for those people who are striving in the way of Allah SWT. After reading the life history of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) we find that if we put our entire trust in Allah alone, then we ought to come out of every difficulty with a fruitful blessing.

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