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Education of both the worlds – Answering the critiques of Zakir Naik

Sunday, November 27, 2011 | comments

Education of both the worlds is what we need to achieve success in this world as well as in the hereafter. Islam has given utmost stress on acquiring education. Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “It is obligatory upon every Muslim to acquire knowledge.”

Today we find schools, colleges and universities managed by Muslims, but unfortunately the education taught there is not Islamic. The knowledge students acquire in those institutes may help them in this world but it is of no use in the hereafter.

We should come up with greater number of schools and colleges that should not only be managed by Muslims but we should also incorporate the fundamentals and Saheeh Aqeedah of Islam into the syllabi. The students should be trained in such a way that they would be we well-versed in Islam as well as they should excel in the world.

With this purpose, Dr. Zakir Naik in much awaited speech of Peace Conference 2011 “Education of both the worlds” shook the audiences on Friday night. He conveyed the importance of having schools which provides education of both the worlds.

Dr. Zakir Naik
Islamic International School (IIS) is one of the examples of such schools with expounding results in the world. It is the only school (to my knowledge) which provides both the education with outstanding results. The school was started with the sole support of Allah and Allah bestowed His blessings and this can be clearly witnessed by us after 10 years when the results were out. Alhamdulillah, the students of IIS toped in every field of knowledge apart from excelling only in Deen.

But Islamic International School was not far from criticism. The blind criticizers of Zakir Naik, after thinking for years, came up with their allegation of “High fees.” We Muslims have the habit of getting spoon fed. IIS came into existence to provide excellent education of both the worlds. And we are expecting this education for a price of nuts. The level of education children getting in the school is far better than the fees paid by the parents. The quality of faculty is also world class and an expert in their respected field.

We Muslims pay through the noses for the tution classes, schools (which deviates child from Allah). We spend lavishly when it comes to our comfort. But when it comes to spending for an Islamic knowledge, we have excuses, our faces becomes dull, we start crying in public, and most importantly we even try to defame the personality who is working – day in and day out – to make the project successful!

The unique school started by Dr. Zakir Naik pays the skilled teacher according to their status and skills. The salary given to the staffs of IIS is also world class. We keep in mind the education that the child is getting failing to realize the expenditure required to get this kind of world class education. IIS has spent Rs. 42 lakhs only for training the teachers and that too for a specific field. It trains their faculty with the experts of the world so that the students passing out from this school should have qualitative education.

Even after providing world class education IIS has scholarship for 25 percent of the students. One fourth of the students in IIS studies with the help of scholarship. Dr. Zakir Naik said “Even we have students studying in IIS whose parents earn Rs.5000 a month.” He continued “The children of millionaires are rubbing shoulders with the children of meager-earners” Allah has the ways to educate his creations. But Allah keeps the hate mongers away from his righteous servants so that they do not waste their valuable work. The person is known for his work, for the achievements he has accomplished. And Dr. Zakir Naik proved to be a legend and the leader is standing unique in all his features.

O Allah grant us enough strength to start and maintain a school like IIS and also help us in reaching Jannat-ul-Firdous.


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