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By: Iftikhar Islam

Terrorism is not at all supported by any way in Islam. “If you kill a person, it is as if you have killed the whole of Humanity” is what Islam says. Acquiring Peace is what Islam teaches. And most importantly living in peace is what Islam aims at… not only materialistic peace but spiritual too. Allah calls to the home of peace is what the Glorious Quran articulates {in Surah Yunus (10):25}.

Yet, our country’s men do not have faith in Islam. Can I raise a question “When will our Government be responsible?” When will the Government take in confidence the huge group, yet in minority – the largest minority community in the country? The community who has sacrificed their productive young scholars for the independence of the country. The community which contributes in the building the great nation. Yet, the whole community is targeted. The youths are under attack. The educated faction is tortured. Do we have to prove our patriotism? Do we need to testify the love for our country? 

Have you forgotten the works of Syed Muhammad, Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Najib, Mirza Gulam Haider, Leakhat Hussain, Abdul Gafoor, Sayyid Fazl-ul-Husain, Moulvi Muhammad Aziz, Nadir Ali, Mustaq Hussain, Sayyid Amir Ali, Zafar Ali Khan, Muhammad Barkatullah, Mazhar  ul Haq, Muhammad Ali, Syed Muhammad,  Abdul Qayyum Haqqani, Shoukat Ali, Mushir Hussain, Abul Kalaam azad, Abdul Bari, Muqbool Hussain… and so on and so forth… You might not have even heard the names of these great freedom fighters. Yet you need our rectification? 

The innocent youth are detained in the name of “suspect” and that to in case of bombing their own worship house, in which their own brothers worship. You complained about the community that they don’t have computer knowledge, they are uneducated. And when they acquire the knowledge, they are labeled as Terrorists, they become “Mastermind”. You have a problem with illiteracy, and again you have another problem when they are educated. Any now you have problems with them… with their community. 

There were few Muslims who were settled in their life, were earning good to sustain their family, but were detained in the name of “suspect”. They were tortured to confess the crime which they never thought of.  What happened later in their life – even after being proved innocent? One of them used to earn Rs. 15000 per month, now it is difficult him to earn Rs. 1500. Police visits them even after being innocent.  

Do you want to eradicate terrorism from the face of India? Are you serious? Then you should know how to take people in confidence. You cannot pick-up hundreds of innocents randomly. You cannot torture innocents until they are proved to be convicted. How can you harass innocents? It is horrible to harass even after knowing the person is innocent. 

Justice is the key to eradicate terrorism, terrorism of all kind – which also includes harassing of innocents in Jails. Money is not everything in life. The victims are urging the government to give them justice by suspending the police officers who tortured them unnecessary. They want them to be punished so that innocents of this great Nation could be free from fear. If the productive population of this country is detained like this, then in no time we will have various other problems emerging in the society to which the government will shiver and feel difficult to handle. Utilize the diamonds of the country, separate them from the ordinary stones and let them spark once again and show their glamour.

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